Friday, August 28, 2015

21 Day Fix Review – My Life Is Changing

Ok, perhaps not a review, but more my thoughts on the 21 day fix.

I just completed Round 1 of the 21 Day Fix and I must say the past 21 Days have been truly life changing.

I know, that is a pretty powerful statement, but it is true.  And keep in mind this is coming from the girl who is a [past] binge eater, loves food, hates working out and has NEVER been able to stick with a diet.

But of course, this isn’t a diet.  This truly is a lifestyle change.

The past few weeks have been emotional, busy and I have been far from perfect with the program.  Good thing the program is not seeking perfection.

Did I work out every day?
Nope, but as many days as I could and FAR more than I have in the last 5 years. (maybe missed 4)

Did I ever “cheat” with my food? 
Yep, I may have had a couple bites of cake or a few bites of cheese dip one day.  But the majority of the time, I was spot on with my eating.  And actually loved what I was eating! (pics below)

But honestly, none of that matters to me anymore...the "did I follow everything exactly".  (Big change!)  I am not trying to feel guilty for my choices of working out or what I eat, because when I put the guilt with food, or any emotions for that matter, then that is when I eat poorly.  I am doing the best I can and focusing on all my healthy choices.

What matters to me now is HOW I FEEL.

Plain and simple. 

And eating whole foods and working out regularly makes me feel amazing….and I haven’t felt amazing in a long time in regards to my body.

I have waited a few days to write my recap because I wanted to see what I did after the program was done.  I didn’t want to check in with the group that is still open.  I didn’t want to plan.  I didn't want accountability.  I know it sounds weird or backwards, but I wanted to see what I DID, back in my “normal” life. Would I go back to my old ways or would I stay with it naturally.

As it turns out, I am naturally gravitating towards the healthy way of eating/living because it really does make me feel better.

Yes, I will admit, I haven’t worked out the past few days (and I notice it and am going back to it) and I have strayed from the meal plan a couple times, but folks I am actually craving that lifestyle.  I want my salads and containers of WHOLE food and packing it for lunch EVERY day.  I actually am still drinking coffee with raw sugar….YEAH, the girl who bitched and complained and cried, literally, about giving up her creamer is still drinking black coffee with raw sugar.

Boom.  Changed.

Yes, I had a piece of pizza Tuesday, but I had a huge salad with it. AND, I didn’t have four pieces of pizza like before.  I am learning to incorporate this into my life and make the healthier choices.  You know that "binge" mentality of not being able wanting to stop, being obsessed with eating as much as I can and if I can't I get mad.  Nope, I just wanted a taste.  I enjoyed the food, but I wasn’t obsessing over it like I have always done in the past.  Same when I had a few bites of a cake, that was enough.  I didn’t need a piece of cake and then another later that day.

To some this may not seem like a success.  But for an emotional binge eating, overweight, food obsessed person….it is HUGE.

This program has done far more for me than I ever expected.  I went into thinking, I really hope this helps me get over this plateau and lose weight and is the quick fix I need.  But instead, I came out feeling like it truly changed my life.

It changed how I feel.  I have more energy.  I feel healthier and not weighed down by the processed foods.

It changed my desire to workout.  I still dread working out simply because finding time to do it can be more of a challenge and is not ideal, but I know I can workout now.  I feel myself and see myself getting stronger.  I am doing moves I couldn’t do three weeks ago.  When I go a day without working out, I am excited ready to get back at it.

It changed how I look at food.  This may be the biggest.  Right now marks the healthiest relationship I have ever had with food.

Yep, that is worth repeating.

At 35, I have the healthiest relationship with food I have ever had.

I respect how the “right” foods can fuel my body and the wrong foods make me sluggish.  I am looking at portions differently.  I am cutting those emotional ties that I have towards food.  I am learning (yes still learning) the difference between my needs vs my wants.  And I am learning how to control my desire for those wants.   Now, I am not giving up all those “wants", no, we like those things in moderation.  But I am carefully choosing what I prefer to put in my body instead of putting it ALL in. The 90/10* rule folks...well, it may be more like 80/20 for me, but I am working on it.

Here is what I got to eat....still great food, but in the right amounts and HEALTHY/WHOLE foods.

It changed what I thought I was capable of doing.

It changed what I thought was healthy and what I now realize is healthy. 

It changed my body and my mind.

I am seeing myself for ME.  Something I have always struggled with.

Was this easy?  No.

Does the group help? YES.  They keep you accountable and are amazing!

Am I still learning? Of Course.

Do I still have a long way to go? Duh….but focusing on the NOW.

Does the program make sense? Yes.

Can I follow it and stick with it? You bet.

Can I do this for me?  Absolutely!!

I am currently down 9lbs and 18 inches (counting arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves) in the past three weeks.

You guys.  That is 28lbs total since I started in January.

 (from January - August)

So with all that said, why do I say this is life changing? 

Because, this is my life and it needed changed and this is the program that is finally helping with that.

I am not just doing the 21 Day Fix to look great in bikini or tone up a bit (which are still great reasons to try it!).

But for me it is so much more.

It is about my health now and as I get older.

It is about my future.

It is about how I feel.

It is about no longer missing opportunities with my son because I am too embarrassed with the way I look to go somewhere or do something with him. (this one makes me cry all the time)

It is about no longer worrying if I will be able to fit in a seat or something, because of my weight.

It is about no longer not going places with my husband because I am embarrassed that he will be embarrassed (though that has never given me reason to think that, I still do because of my own insecurities).

It is about me not getting so angry with myself about the way I look and feel that I take it out on those around me.

It is about not feeling guilty when I eat, especially in public, and instead learning to appreciate food and feel comfortable eating so i don't want to hide and binge.

It is about so much more than just losing a few pounds.

It is about finally feeling LIKE ME and not this person “trapped” in this body.

So would I recommend this program? YES.

Is it tough? YES. But a good tough.

Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

Can YOU do this? YES!!  If I can, you can!

If you put in the work and time.  Plan your meals.  Workout. You will not only see results, but FEEL the results!!!

I will be starting my second round in September!!  The group dynamic is truly amazing...all about the accountability and probably the only way I got through this with the results I did!

What are YOUR thoughts of the Fix? Has it changed YOUR life yet?


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I am at the point where in the next few months, I want to be a coach and continue my journey while also supporting those who are on a similar journey.  I want to inspire those who are in a similar place and have tried everything to lose weight and continue to BE inspired as I move forward with my weight loss journey.  I truly feel this is a program that can do that.

*90/10 Rule - if you eat healthy and workout 90% of the time, it allows for that other 10% of the time to have that leeway and enjoy those times where you do not follow the healthy eating.


  1. Sigh. I have tears in my eyes as I read this, Jenn. You put in the work. You've been putting in the work, but you've found that the program really gives results. I am so happy for you. And I canot wait to see where this road takes you. This is only the beginning.

    Thank you for trusting me! More importantly, KUDOS for doing this for you!

    1. You are SO sweet!! Thank YOU for being by my side through this. For giving me that nudge I need. For supporting me and setting me on a path to find ME again. HUGS

  2. Jenn. You rock.

    1. UM, YOU ROCK!! Seriously! I am so happy to be going on this journey with you as we BOTH get healthier!!

  3. mandy7:32 AM

    Did you use shakeology while you did this.. or just the workouts and containers?

    1. Hi Mandy! I did not use shakeology the first couple I LOVE the stuff and incorporate at least half of the week. Have you ever tried shakeology, the fix or containers?