Tuesday, September 17, 2013

HDH – Happy (Belated) Birthday, Henry!!!

Happy SECOND Birthday, Henry!!!

(Ok, this is a little late, but the sentiment is still the same!)

I am sorry I didn't post on your birthday little dude but between the Zoo, party, family, cake, presents and LOTS of fun...there was no time!!!  :)

Oh Henry.

My sweet, funny, highly independent, caring, wild child…..where has the time gone?!?!

It doesn’t seem that long ago when I held you for the very first time

And wasn’t it just the other day when we celebrated your FIRST birthday?!?!


But now, now you are two.  A big boy with a booming personality.

(Literally a big boy!!  At your two year check-up you measured in at 38.5” inches tall and 34lbs!!  You are measuring like most 3+ year olds!)

Part of me was sad the weeks prior to you turning two.  Not because I don’t want you to turn two, but it has gone so fast and you have changed SO much, especially the past couple months.  And while I know you will always be my baby, you are no longer A baby.  Luckily, you still LOVE cuddling and giving and receiving hugs and kisses, so even though you are now a toddler my baby is still there...infact you always want to be on me!!

But oh, the toddler is definitely in full force and I feel you have fully embraced being two and perhaps think you are even 3 or 4!!!

I had mentioned in the past you were not talking and because of that frustrated….well in the past two months you are all about talking (post HERE) and in the past few weeks it seems like you are saying a new word nearly every other day!!  You love to talk around us and to our neighbors and must say HI to everyone who passes our house and get annoyed when they don’t say HI back….but honestly that is rare they don’t say HI back because who could resist talking to you?!?!  And you have the sweetest little voice, I love hearing you speak! But with that, you are also still quiet in public or around people you are not as familiar with and are very much an observer of others and the world around you.  I like this about you. 

While you are enjoying school and being around kids and are always yelling for “kids”, you are still very much content playing by yourself.  Even in a large group of kids, we still find you heading off for some “me” time.  You like to explore on your own.  I get it dude, mama is the same!!

You are funny and we all know which parent you got this trait from!!!  *cough, cough* but you still have a quiet funny like your father.   You are a great balance of the both of us. And the faces...oh the FACES you make. Priceless.

You have a laugh that is contagious.  You love being silly, but sometimes if your mama is too silly you tell me to stop and it embarrasses you and you cover your eyes.  My Son, your mama will be embarrassing you for many, many, many years to come so just get used to it!!

You have a style that is all your own.  You LOVE shoes, that’s my boy.  If we try to put a pair of shoes on you that you do not want, you let us know.  So if that means you are wearing shorts and spiderman boots, then so be it.  You also love hats.  Which is funny, because we couldn’t keep those dang things on you when you were a year old!!  You will wear hats at dinner or when playing and you even have a NAPA hat like your daddy that you love to wear when your daddy wears his.

You love your stuffed animals.  I mean LOVE them SO much.  You are constantly giving them hugs and kisses and require a bed full of animals in your bed while you sleep.

Speaking of love, you love and ADORE your family.  It makes my heart full to see how you are with family and friends that are like family.

Speaking of bed, you are still in your crib......and that is OK.  Even though you seem to be outgrowing it, you love it in there.  And let’s be honest, mommy and daddy love that you don’t have total freedom yet!!  Perhaps in the next 3-6 months we will move you to a big boy bed but for now you are pretty comfortable, even all squished in your crib.

You got a tricycle from your grandparents for your birthday and took to it instantly!!!  We debated if you were even old enough to get one or if we should wait a year, well apparently during your one day a week at school you have been practicing and now are a pro at riding a trike.  On your birthday you saw the bike and were off and surprised us all!!!  Just another example of you growing up so fast and that you are no longer our baby. 

You also like to go fast.  A neighbor has a large four-wheeler.  We felt you were WAY too young to go on it, but you didn’t.  You ended up driving it like you had been doing it “forever” and were actually really good.  Oh I fear this will not be the end of your daredevil ways….

You love all things cars, trucks and planes.  You get sad when you see a plane or truck go by and then disappear.  You make the cutest sounds when you are pretending with your toy cars, trucks and planes.  I hope to never forget those sounds. But you also like to just relax and color and play with your blocks and just BE.

You also love Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Super Why and a few other shows on Sprout/PBS.  You probably watch too much TV but you are never really sitting still when you watch as you are always jumping around and playing with toys at the same time so that is my justification.  (Henry, parents are always looking for justification in their actions with kids so they feel they are not getting judged by other parents!!)

You love when I sing Baby of Mine to you every night.  You actually request me to sing it but call it “Boppy”.  I will always honor that request and LOVE this time we have together every night.

You are also ALL about cooking.  You love to “help” in the kitchen any way you can.  Rinsing veggies in the sink is your favorite.  You love to pretend to cook or pour your foods into different bowls because that is cooking.  You even, much to our dismay, will put Tupperware in the microwave and know how to start and stop the microwave!! We need a lock on that thing.

You are a great eater and at least try most things.  Though on occasion you will see something and just look at it and say “yuck” and hand it back.  My favorite is when you are unsure about something and you just touch it to your tongue a few times until you decide if you will eat it or throw it on the floor. (we really need to get a handle on this throwing food on the floor thing when you no longer want it.)  You also love the strangest foods and dislike foods most kids love!  You do not like breaded chicken/chicken nuggets, no hot dogs, no mashed potatoes, no ice cream(?!), cake is just eh, most fresh fruits are out, no juice…..but you love pasta, green beans, broccoli, parmesan cheese, chips and salsa, meatballs with feta, donuts (dots), and your new favorite is soup!!  I can get you to do anything for some soup (oup).

(most of the time)

You still love technology; that has not changed.  You can easily turn on the kindle, slide to unlock and find “your” apps.  Soon I am going to have to have you teach me technology.

A couple months ago you started showing an interest in the potty, un-influenced by us.  At first you just wanted to sit on it, clothed.  Then you moved to sitting on it and throwing mountains of TP down it.  Now, you are actually using it and peeing!!  Of course, you still want to try it all the time even when you don’t have to go which usually means you stand up, then sit down, then flush, then do it all again, and then get mad when we say your done.  But we are very proud of you going in the potty and showing an interest!!

You are becoming more opinionated and are very strong willed which means if you are annoyed with me taking a picture of you, you tell me to STOP IT and put your hand over your face and then usually yell.  If I hand you a toy to play with and you don’t want it you tell me NO and what you do want to play with.  Same goes with what you want to eat or wear.  And you are very strong willed and let’s just say stubborn, which is always fun when we are in the grocery store and I am trying to put you in the cart and you are screaming and hitting.  I know this won’t be the end of our battles….I am stubborn too my little man ;-)

You are also HIGHLY independent. Everything is “Me. I do it. Go. No help. I help.”  No matter what it is, YOU want to do it alone or try to do it.  This is, of course, awesome and sometimes a nuisance (washing hands or changing a diaper or going to the store can take 4 times as long) but in the end we love seeing you exert that independence when you can.

You love to help. LOVE IT.  And little man, we do too.  Yesterday I could not reach the charger and I said “Henry, can you help mama” and you jumped right up and screamed “YES” and when I asked you to get the charger you ran over and got it and gave it to me and said in the sweetest little voice “HERE” and you were so proud.  And I was so proud of you.  You help with all the chores you can (and even some you shouldn’t help with) and anytime was ask you to help you say “ELP, ELP”.  You are such a good little helper boy!!

I could go on and on about you, but I probably should stop as I may run out of room!!

Henry, you have filled our lives with so much joy, love, and laughter.  Sure there have been some frustrations along the way, but not a second goes by where I am not filled with so much love for you.  Again, I am sorry for any times I may not have been at my best as your mother, but I can promise you that I love you with all my being and that I will always strive to be the best mom I can be for you.  I guarantee we will both have days where things aren't perfect, but know that I will never EVER give up on us.  You have changed our lives in ways we have never expected and could never explain.  As fast as all this has gone, I truly am looking forward to watching you continue to grow, learn and change.  I feel so incredibly privileged to be your mommy, and I know your daddy feels the same.

How much do we love you…..yep, this much. (and a wee bit more!)

Happy Birthday, My Son.

(And now for a ridiculous amount of pictures of my child from throughout the year!  No apologies here!!  This pretty much sums up Henry!)

 We love you xoxoxoxo


  1. Happy belated birthday, Henry!

    He is SO cute! I love how he sleeps covered in stuffed animals - it actually looks cozy. And I LOVE how much he loves you. Something about little boys and their Mama. I think it's true that we are their first love. It's adorable.

    And I can not get over how he rides his trike already! That is amazing. So, so smart!

  2. Loved seeing these photos! He's totally rocking that bike! Go little dude, go! :)