Thursday, September 12, 2013

And So It Begins……Selling Stuff For Your Kids (Not to be Confused with Selling Your Kids for Stuff)

Today when I dropped Henry off at school (which ended up going so smoothly, I think we are getting this down….YAY!) I was greeted by a series of forms in his cubby.  Since he only goes one day a week, I am use to this and the sheets are usually just miscellaneous things we throw away.  As I left I skimmed through to see a magazine from the library, a flyer from a portrait company, and a Little Caesars fundraiser form?!!

Yep.  So it begins. 

My name is Jenn and I have a kid in “school” which means, like every other parent out there, I now fall into the category of annoying parent selling overpriced items on behalf of their kids to raise money for their school.


Now don’t get me wrong, I know this is a fundraiser and to help raise money for his daycare and it is a small daycare and I am MORE than happy to sell.  But for me, I am not a fan of asking others to buy things from me.  (One reason I am not selling Tastefully Simple anymore!!)

I actually worked at the Kidney Foundation for a year and a half right out of college and it was event planning and fundraising.  I hated asking people/companies for things.  It just makes me uncomfortable and it is not in my nature.  I think I am more like “No, you don’t want to donate 1000 plates?!?!  Oh, that is OK, I will just buy them and for way more than they are worth….i am sorry for the inconvenience.”  Obviously you can tell why this job and I didn’t work out.

Yeah, I have pushover written all over me when I ask for stuff, especially from strangers.  And asking friends or family makes me even more uncomfortable. 

But now I am a parent.  I understand it is good for his school, and when he gets older HE can go around and ask people.  But right now, I am the mom who gets to bring the form into work and make a sign to put in the kitchen area and feel all uncomfortable about it.  Infact today someone asked me and I said, “well the cost for 3 pizzas in a kit is $19 but you can get 3 hot and ready for $15.” 


Unless no one sells more than 4 kits I think we are out of getting a week’s worth of free tuition for Henry….sorry buddy!

Mom and Dad….I am also sorry for making you sell all those chocolate bars for so many years while I was in school!!!

So do you sell things for your kids school?!  Do you feel as awkward as I do about it or do you embrace it and go door to door and sell?!?!  

I wish I was comfortable enough going door to door but I would have major anxiety doing that....though if I was forced to, I would do it for Henry.  But only Henry!

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  1. So I wrote this whole comment yesterday and it didn't post. Ugh.

    E's school does cookie dough. I don't mind it because I buy a ton and use them as Christmas gifts -add an oven mitt, spatula, maybe a cute apron and viola! instant easy gift. Now, I don't solicit to anyone else, because I'm like you and find that annoying.

    Well, Soph's school started DAY 1! with all these papers about a magazine sale. They even held an assembly to explain it to the kids and if they filled out 10 postcards, they'd get this little monkey collectible. Of course, all the kids run home begging their parents to fill out 10 addresses on these postcards so they can get the monkey. Ugh. Dumb. I never understand why they don't sell something more giftcards. Why not sell giftcards like Kroger does? I assume you can make money off of that, right? I'd buy SO many and count it as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts AND be happy knowing the profit is going to my kids school AND feel better about spending the money on something usable, rather than overpriced pizza, chocolate, cookie dough, wrapping paper, magazines, etc.

    Or I'd rather they just tell me what they need and I'll donate the items or money. ;) Ha.