Thursday, May 02, 2013

First Full Day Of School!

So since February Henry has been going to school for half a day, one day a week for about 3 1/2 hours.  Our goal was to get him out of the house and to socialize him with kids. 

Since he seems to enjoy school and it is good for him to interact with others (aka get their germs - ugh) we decided that with summer approaching and the opportunity for him to get outside more and play in a controlled setting like at school, we should try sending him a full day.

Today was the first day we did an entire day.  I really wasn't nervous about him going all day.  He gets to play inside and outside multiple times, have two snacks and lunch, and is with friends. (Who wouldn't love that.) I was, however, worried about him taking a nap.  I was convinced that there was NO WAY he would sleep there.  The nap time was 12-2 which is earlier than he normally naps. He still sleeps in a crib and has never slept on a cot.  He has never slept around other kids.  Nope, no way he is sleeping there.  Terry was ready to go pick him up at 2 if he didn't nap so he could still take a little nap today....because Henry is not pleasant when he doesn't nap :)

But folks....around 12:30 today I get this picture from the amazing place Henry goes to school and it just MADE. MY. DAY.
(How freak'n cute is he?!)

My (not so) little boy is SLEEPING at day care.  On a cot.  In a room with other kids.

My heart melted.

Of course there is a part of me that is realizing he is, in fact, getting older and growing up...I mean look at that picture, he looks so old.

I think we will go out for ice cream to celebrate his first full day!!

Update: I think Henry enjoyed school, he was waving at everyone as he left and this cute little girl kept saying "Bye Henry" as we left.  All the people were SO nice and excited Henry is going full time.  He was cranky and extremely independent for a bit when we first got home until he got in the AC and got some goldfish crackers and settled down a bit :)  He had seconds at lunch, of course he did.  He only slept an hour and 15 minutes...but he slept!  He went to bed early, BONUS.  We went out for ice cream and he hates it....what is wrong with him?! ;-)  They did sign language, spanish, and talked about bugs and drew with chalk.  He loved it!

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  1. This kind of made me want to cry. How precious and how sad all at the same time. Way to go, Henry!

    It happens so fast, doesn't it. . . the whole growing up thing?