Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Random Stuff Wednesday

Henry said I love you this weekend.  Ok, it was more like “ylub you”, but after I laid him in his crib for his nap I rubbed his back and said I love you and he turned to me and smiled and said ylub you.  Yep….my heart melted.  All weekend we were trying to get him to say it again and when he felt like it he did, though most of the time it was just “you too”.  (Which we are finding is typical; this child does nothing on demand and is very stubborn independent.)  My kid may only say a handful of words, but those are two of THE BEST words as a parent to hear!

I have been trying to wear my grown up fancy bra lately instead of my el cheapo bra.    Normally my boobs mantra is “Do your boobs hang low, do they wobble to and fro” but when I wear my fancy bra it is more like “Push’em up, push’em up….push’em WAAAAAY Up.”  I like when they are up and closer to my face and not my belly button; but damn, those fancy bras are super uncomfortable.  Ugh, if my boobs didn’t hang down to my knees, I would not wear one at all.

"It is freezing. It is freezing. It is sweating." I hear this ALL day long at work.  It is annoying, that's what it is.  Apparently the new thing at work is to complain about the temperature of the office if the temperature is not perfect for just YOU.  It is set at 72 and yes, it can be chilly in the office some days and other days it is warm.  Who cares.  There are a bunch of us in the office and we all prefer a different temperature but guess what, you are not at your house so get over it and dress appropriately to work inside an office.  (P.S. Please don’t say it is freezing when the thermostat says 72. UGH )

We have too much STUFF.  We had a lot of stuff before Henry and we wanted to get rid of it then but never did.  NOW, we just have stuff everywhere.  Henry has SO much stuff.  We hope to have a garage sale this June, but that takes time and hopefully now that Terry is done with school for the summer we can go through the boxes of crap we haven’t even looked at for the last 6 years.  We need to declutter.

I am SO GLAD Terry is done with school for the summer.

I scratched my forehead this morning and saw a ton (yes, literally a ton) of dry skin fall onto my desk.  I think I need to start moisturizing more than 2 days a month.

This weekend I had a larger snack sized bag of Sun Chips.  I was just going to eat half as I am counting calories. During Henry’s nap I watched a movie and next thing I noticed the bag was gone.  While I still think  the cats had something to do with the disappearance of all my chips, ultimately I did have to shamefully put my calories into My Fitness Pal.  I hate counting calories.  I also hate that I have nearly zero self control with chips/salty foods.

I got up this morning and walked a mile.  I wanted to walk more, but that required me getting up at the time I set my alarm for and NOT hitting snooze 4 times. After I did get up I rather enjoyed listening to music and being outside for ME time, which is pretty much the only ME time I get all day.  Just wish my ME times wasn’t spent working out.

This child turns TWO in exactly four months from today.  I don't believe it, I can't believe it, I shan't believe it!  Where does the time go....

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