Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - They May not be Words, But Someone has a lot to Say

Someone has been a major chatterbox lately.  I mean, look at that face.  That is the face of someone with plenty to say!

Between random words and noises and raspberries, this child loves to "talk" and is like his mom and cannot follow the laws of Wordless Wednesday....that's my boy.

Current List of "Words" he says, or really it should read current list of regular sounds he says as that is probably more appropriate!!

- Dada or more like dadadadadadadadadadadaada

- it-tee or at-tee for Kitty. EVERY time he sees a cat he gets excited, yells, and "says" this. :)

- I swear I heard him say YEN (of course I did). I put him in his crib and he kept yelling Yen, Yen. I came in and said hi, then left again and kept saying Yen. Um, I am your mama, not Jenn silly boy!! (Ok, I don't really think he said Jenn, but it was funny to hear!!)

I would love to record him "saying" these words, however the minute the camera comes out he is all over me and the camera.  Silly child.

*To be clear, I don't know if we consider this talking but just a lot of babbling!!  But it is fun to hear.

(Henry will be 41 weeks tomorrow. Holy shit, my child is growing up so fast!!)


  1. Oh my, talking?!?! Wow. Too fast I tell ya, too fast!

  2. Right?!?!

    Someone needs to slow their roll :)

  3. What?! He's talking!? That's amazing!

    Charlie didn't talk until after two years old.

    Oh my, he must be a genius! :)

  4. I think it is more babbling with same sounds, though the kitty thing is funny to hear!!

    And not sure if he is a genius or just has two long-winded/chatty parents and he is just trying to get a word in edge wise!! heehee :)

  5. He looks so old in that picture! How hilarious! I loved the babbling stage - it's hilarious what they say, or attempt to say!