Saturday, July 07, 2012

HDH - 43 Weeks (Grab a drink....Tons of Photos and Videos!)

"Lunch was fabuuuuulous!!!"

Our son is 43 weeks which means, if I did the math correctly, he will be ONE in a mere 9 weeks! 


Commence countdown to first birthday…..

This first year has flown by!!

So what has been going on the past month?

Um, everything.

First he got baptized the end of June!

 "I am ready to go home now."

 Yes...we put him in a bonnet.  You are welcome.
 "Really, you took a picture of me in THIS hat. Come on, help a baby out."

 He is wearing converse hightops, because he is that cool.

 Could we be any more ready to go home?!

 "I'm out."

It was warm, but it went well and he was better than could be expected!   We had a nice little party after with some family and friends. Video below that is kind of funny.

He also met his uncles who live down south.  Henry LOVED seeing them and I loved seeing them interact. 

 Hanging with Uncle Alec

 Uncle Matt!
 (I love this picture)

Henry also rode on his first merry-go-round.  Not sure how he felt about that.  What do you think?

He did love the swings though!!

 See the drool :)

While Henry is a silly and happy baby, he is also a thinker and very inquisitive.  He likes to see how things are put together and will take an object from one box, examine it, and then move it to another box.  He also likes to figure out how to open things, like for instance our gate.  While he can open it when it is latched but not locked, baby hulk is not strong enough to open it when it is locked….but he is trying hard to figure it out. 


Someone has also discovered they can get around in the house and now that someone does NOT want to sit still or be confined!! This child is ALWAYS on the move.  He will even do laps around the living room that consist of him speed crawling from one corner to the next and then standing along the couch and walking by the couch/loveseat and then going back to the corner. And repeat.

And if he is in a hurry and something (like a toy or person) is in his way he will bulldoze right over, not even looking back to see what destruction he left in his wake.  And if it is a toy he can pick up; well then look out because he will pick it up, fling it out of his way and proceed to his destination.  (I thought this was because he had too many toys so removed all but a handful and he still did it.  There was one little box in the middle of the living room and he didn’t want to go around it so he flung it. Heehee)

See video HERE of him moving his toys.

He is quick, smart and into everything!!  Yep, we are moving into the toddler years!

Updates:  (as of 6/15/12)
Length: 29 ¼ “
Weight: 22lbs 11oz

- Sitting = Now he is sitting ON things.

- Babbling = As mentioned in a previous post he is a little chatter box and babbling ALL the time!  Dada, dis (this),  and Tiddie kughs (kitty cat – phonetically this is what it sounds like when he sees a cat!) are consistently coming out of his mouth.

- Mimicking = He loves to “sing” and just started clapping if we clap.  And he was “headbanging today when I did it first. Oh my gosh, I really wanted that on video, but as soon as the camera came out the boy went right for it to grab it. I must get this on video!

- Dancing = He just started dancing, which is basically where he puts his hands together and moves them up and down very UNrhythmically. Silly white boy.

- Laughing & Smiling. = HELLS YEAH!  This boy has an awesome laugh….and the best part is he thinks I am hilarious!!

- Crawling = He is now speed crawling.

- Standing = YES!  He is starting to let go of objects and stand on his own.  Terry has even seen him Godzilla stomp in place.  He also sometimes forgets he needs to hold onto items and just lets go, leans back and falls.

- Cruising = YES! He has gotten SO fast with the cruising and can do it one handed now.

- Walking = Not yet. But he wants to so bad!  He will let go to take those steps but just doesn’t have enough balance yet to stay up and falls on his butt…or sometimes his face :/

- Climbing = ON. EVERY. THING.  Toys, people, furniture….you name it he wants to climb on it.  Last weekend he used Terry’s shoe to give him just enough leverage to climb up on the coffee table.  Grrreat.  He has no sense that he can fall off something, so he will climb and just throw himself back and fall. sigh

- Drinking out of a sippy cup = He has it about 80% down.  The other 20% he will do what we call water drunk.  This is where he drinks a bunch of water and puts it in his mouth but won’t swallow it and just lets it spill out of his mouth on him. 

Watch the VIDEO!! The 40 second part is the best! That was not throw up....he spit :)

- Teeth = Nothing, and then yesterday Terry looked in because he has been off the last three days and we noticed the signs of a couple teeth coming through! You can feel them, but nothing has broke all the way.  His attitude lets us know they are on the way :(

- Food = He has been a great eater, thank goodness!  He has 3 bottles a day (6oz, 5oz & 7oz) and eats three meals a day.  Yogurt, oatmeal and a few cheerios for breakfast. 2oz each fruit, veggie and 3 oz meat with puffs and a cookie for lunch. Cheese toast or cream cheese toast with veggies and fruit for dinner with some cheese puffs.  A cookie or graham cracker for a treat at night.

After sharing cream cheese toast with me :)

Favorite Things Right Now:
Laughing/Being Silly – he will put something “on” his head because I laugh. Awesome!
Books – LOVES books.
Throwing things
MOVING! The boy can’t sit still.
Music – specifically Dean Martin and the I’m Sexy and I know It song.
Food…specifically cheese, kid cheese/veggie puffs, crackers, broccoli, toast & cream cheese and cookies!
The camera. He wants it. And smiles and posses for it. HAM.
Toys…he loves his toys.

Getting his diaper changed.  This is a struggle.
Laying on his back for longer than 5 seconds
No longer is interested in pacifier.
Me being on the phone or holding a magazine or the camera when he is around…because HE wants it.  (He throws a big fit.)

Nicknames: Monkey, muppet, HD, booof (it is something/noise he says)

Extra video of him and his truck and some babbling HERE and HERE


On his new leapfrog train!
(which mama got for $8!!)

With me :)

What we call his muppet face. I LOVE this face.

He is gangsta!!

No....he is batman!!
 You must stretch before fighting crime.
 I am ready to fly!!! Can I fly?

 (Does anyone else think he looks SO much older in this picture?! Where is my baby?!)

I get horrible cell phone reception in my batcave.

Posing, yes posing, with his new toy.

He is teething :)

Now it is on to his first birthday!  Oh my goodness!  It is so close :)

Here is his invitation.  We are doing this mod monkey theme.

we also got him this shirt (it has his name on it): (Got both from The Trendy Butterfly on Etsy...check out her stuff!!!)

It took me an hour to get ONE photo for his invite, and I still had to photoshop the background of the photo.

Here are the outtakes from the “photo shoot” we did.

heehee....after a night of drinking milk. hello ladies

 I do not want to touch the grass.

 Final picture:

And after some editing. LOVE IT!

I love this guy so much!!  Can't believe this first year is almost over.  Can't wait to see how much he changes in the next 9 weeks :)

Video HERE. Around the 1:55 mark (right after Henry gets the oil on his head) you hear him start to “talk” to the little girl next to us who was crying.  He didn’t know what to think of her crying and was very enthralled by it.  He kept “talking” to her throughout the video and trying to touch her. It was cute….he is a sweet boy :)  Well that, or it annoyed him, but I am going with sweet boy!

(Please note I have tried to post this for 3 weeks now and every week I don’t get around to it….and in the meantime he has done something new.  How do they change on a weekly basis?!  I mean really….I want you to grow up, but slow your roll!)


  1. I am stunned. STUNNED. Almost one? That makes me feel all weird inside. How could it go by so fast. Next thing you're going to tell me is that athena's almost 5... :/

    Muppet face is my favorite. He looks like he took his dentures out.

    He is sooooo cute.

    1. I still can't believe Athena is almost 5! I still remember the pictures of her as a baby and now she is a little lady. Where does the time go?!?!

      His muppet face is awesome! Love it.

  2. Awww, he's changed! He does look older! He's so cute! I love seeing his little faces.

    Did you see the monkey cake I made for a work event?! You should make one for Henry's birthday party! I got the idea off Pinterest:

  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    OMG!!! his "baby-ness" is disappearing.... but he's such a handsome little doll. he looks like such a busy-body! hard to believe the year is almost up (as it should be since i'm not the one who is raising him?!?!)

    (by Trophy Life but for some reason my computer keeps not logging me in as Trophy Life!)

  4. I drank an entire 24 oz. of diet Mt. Dew while reading this post and I didn't even taste it. I was too involved with your pictures and those unbelievable BLUE eyes.

    What a fun post and what a treasure he will have at seeing all the specifics of his life on "paper". I think it is quite awesome that he is headbanging and dancing. . . future rock star?

    Your final picture is so adorable. Great job! (The outtakes were so fun.)

    (I also want to tell you that I so appreciate all your lovely comments on my blog. I get excited when you visit again and a barrage of sweet comments flow into my inbox. I appreciate the time you take.)