Thursday, January 26, 2012

HDH - 20 Weeks Old!!

 This last month has been CRAZY and AMAZING all in one….CRAMAZING!  Really, what a change your children take during this time and what is even more amazing is how quickly they change!  I mean one day he couldn't roll over and then the very next day he could and was a pro at it!  WHAT?! You just learned how to roll over my child and now you are rolling all over the living room! See, cramazing.  Honestly, I love it.

Our little man is just awesome.  I am certain he is going to be a really cool kid!  His personality is just fantastic.  Seriously, we say every day how lucky we are with him.  He is such a happy baby.  Yes, he gets grumpy when he needs/wants something but for the most part he is cool, calm and collected….just like his daddy! (Thank goodness he took after Terry and not me!)  He has this awesome laugh and a coy smile that gets us every time.  I guarantee when he smiles you will smile too.

Here is what is going on….

- As of 1/9/12 he weighed 16lbs 10oz and is 26” long! So I am certain, at the rate this child is growing, the boy is easily over 17lbs now!  We also think he has gotten longer as his PJ’s have gotten “shorter”.  He hates having his pjs on during the day...he prefers to be naked or at the least belly and legs free!

- He has been wearing 6 month clothes for over a month and is ready to move into 6-9 month PJ’s.  Did you read that…6-9 month clothes. What the heck child!!  It seems like he is barely staying in a size for longer than a few weeks. Cramazing.

- He is rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back.  His little blanket on the floor is easily becoming too small of a space for him.  In part because he wants to move and also because he has so many damn toys! (He really did put those toys everywhere. He dumped out his toy basket and then grabs a toy, rolls to his back and leaves it on the other side of the blanket and goes back for another toy. Doubt he is doing it intentionally, just happens!) – VIDEOS HERE

- He sits up great assisted but folds in half like a taco when he sits unassisted.  He is learning.

- We started him on cereal.  He wasn’t so sure about it at first, but he now sticks his head out like a turtle while he is eating cereal to say “give me more”!  We will be starting veggies (sweet potatoes) in a week or so.
 first time with cereal...not sure what to expect.
"Hey guys, whatz iz I doings in this chair, besides chill'n."

"Uh, mummeez and daddeez whatz is dis?!"

I think this face says everything!
"Iz nots happiez"

Now, he is getting better at eating and wants to do it himself!

He loves cereal! And prefers to eat cereal naked.

-  He is “talking” to us way more and being very vocal.  He is also blowing bubbles (making raspberries) which is just the cutest thing.  He tries to mimic the sounds we make to him.  We also say “HI” to him all the time and he is trying to make that sound back.  It sounds like HI but I know he is not saying his first word yet, just making a similar sound based on the tones we use when we say hi.  But it is cool watching him imitate us. 

 Sticking his tongue out and making raspberries at Aunt K.!

- He also is starting to know what he wants.  For instance if he no longer wants his suck (pacifier) instead of just taking it out of his mouth he will turn his head and forcibly spit it out of his mouth and the thing goes flying as if saying dramatically…I do not want you anymore.  Nice.  He also gets frustrated when he wants a particular toy and can’t reach it and will let you know he is frustrated.

- We are fairly certain he is teething, especially based on the puddles of drool that come out of his mouth and the fact that EVERYTHING must go in his mouth.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  Toys, our clothes, hair, his feet (ha & kinda gross), our arms/fingers and tags.  The boy loves the tags on his toys/blankets more so then the actual toys themselves.

Drool monster!

Chill'n with daddy

This boy loves tags!

- He is very into playing with toys and grabbing for the particular one he wants.  He will see something he wants and try to go after it.  He is also getting stronger and therefore pulls over his toy basket and spills all the toys out and can now move some of his “heavier” toys around.  It is fun seeing him play with his toys.  He is also very exploratory.  Loves really looking at his toys and people and those big blue eyes are always looking around. 

He loves Sophie...she is french. 

"May I haves the flashy thing dat hurtz my eyes, pleaze!"

- Without jinxing it too much, the boy is an amazing sleeper.  Oh we are so lucky.  Granted, he has his nights where he wakes up every couple hours or doesn’t want to fall asleep…but overall he loves his sleep at night.  We have also started just putting him in his crib after his evening bottle to let him fall asleep on his own.  Right now it is a 50% success rate.  Some nights he coos and puts himself right to sleep in 10 minutes.  Other nights, because he is either too tired or uncomfortable, he has a harder time putting himself to sleep and needs to be rocked.  Either way, he is doing FANTASTIC!  And the best part is when he wakes up, he will lay in his bed talking or playing for 45 minutes and when you go and get him out of bed he is ALL SMILES! Love it.

Seriously, what a sweet boy!

- He is also really good at being adorable.  We just kiss his cheeks, what seems like ALL day long.  This child has Terry and I (especially Terry) wrapped around those pudgy little fingers.  How can we stay mad at a face like this?!

Henry is turning into such a sweet boy.  He loves to be hugged and still wants you to cuddle with him during his daytime naps.  When I rock him to sleep he reaches to my face and puts his hand gently on my mouth and I will kiss his hand.  He just leaves his hand there so I can keep kissing his little fingers.   He also reaches out for my face and wants to hold my face.  *heart melting*  He really is such a sweet sweet boy!

With Grandma & Grandpa!


  1. Oh goodness, he is adorable!

    V is wearing the same guitar pjs right now. ;) These boys are meant to be friends-great taste.

  2. AH! i love these updated pictures. his flirty face! i die!

  3. The photos of him with the hat?! Too cute. Your parents are so cute too! I cannot wait until I get to meet H in person someday! I just want to cuddle him and squeeze him!

  4. He is cramazingly adorable! And he really knows how to wear a hat.