Monday, January 16, 2012

Talk to Me – I Need A New Hair Style

 So after I had Henry I noticed I was shedding a bit more than normal.  However, it keeps getting worse and now it seems my hair is falling out by the handful.  I take a shower and it looks like we have an animal in the shower**.  And there are hair balls/clumps (ew) all over me, the house, and Henry!

What sucks, besides the fact that my hair is noticeably thinner, is that Henry seems to get my really long hair stuck in his hands, and we don’t want that. Every night before bed it is an appendage check. Any hairs wrapped around his fingers, wrists, toes, penis….because he had a hair tightly wrapped around his thumb once and it scared us so we check everything!

So I am seriously thinking of cutting my hair shorter.  Not really short, just shorter than what it is now (which is probably still a good 6+ inches).  I don’t know what I am hoping to accomplish by this, maybe I think that a shorter cut will make my hair healthy again or maybe it is just that I am sick of my long hair.  I am always pulling my hair back and have yet to find a style I just love with my longer hair.  Seriously, it just feels like if hangs there…ok, yes that is what it is suppose to do, but look how sad my hair looks:

I am leaning towards a medium length bob-ish cut or some variation of that. I like it because it is not too far out of my comfort zone and not a drastic change.  I think I do need some change and this may very well be just the right amount of change.  Plus I can still pull it back.

 (Except not with short bangs)

What are your thoughts: long or short?  Any other suggestions for hair styles? Any products/supplements I can use to stop/reduce all this damn shedding?!?!

**only a slight exaggeration


  1. Like the Heidi Klum look. And if you get it cut, and you can part with 10 inches or more you need to donate it. Find a salon that works with Locks for love so that your hair can go to a good cause. I need a new style too, but am actually growing mine out so that I can have my 10 inches to donate, and then still have long hair. I'm half way there!! I donated my hair once and felt really great about it. The nice thing too is that a lot of salons will do your cut and for free if you donate. Just something to think about. (Also, I shed a lot too. My family is always joking about it and I have to pour liquid draino down the shower at least once a month!)

  2. I'm going through the same thing right now. My hair is as long as yours and is falling out like mad. I NEVER wear it down because it requires straightening, and well, I barely have time to shower these days, let alone style my hair. I was wondering if chopping it off will help it stop falling out too...and maybe be healthier, but I don't want to regret it.

    Excited to see what you do!

  3. April – Terry has actually donated twice to locks of love!! We will see, I don’t think I want mine that short. But you are right; it is so great if you can! Thanks for the reminder :)

    Sassytimes – It is frustrating, right?! I get in these moods every 5 years or so and I just get fed up with my long hair. I cut it short and love it for a month and then wish I had my long hair back :( But I just don’t have a style with my hair and though I love my long hair it has been really annoying to have with Henry around. Oh, and there is also the other thing where I don’t want my husband’s hair longer than mine!! :) I will let you know what I decide!