Wednesday, December 28, 2011

HDH - 16 Weeks. Someone Has Been A Busy Little Man!

Someone is now 16 weeks and is getting to be SO much fun!  He has also been a busy little man the last month.  Here is what has been going on....

He celebrated his first Thanksgiving. (Yeah, I am behind)  He got himself so excited he threw up (major throw up) on his thanksgiving outfit not once, not twice, but three times.  After the second washing of the shirt I decided that was his way of saying he didn't want to wear that outfit anymore.  He was in his shirt long enough for me to get this picture....he threw up about 3 minutes later. 

He was a big boy and sat in his highchair for the first time.  He preferred to lean back and chill.

He refused to look at the camera. I don't blame him with all the good food to look at.

And after dinner....time to sleep. (Oh how I love these two)

We also went to Kristen's graduation!  Henry is so proud of his Aunt K.!

He hung out at my alma mater with grandma & grandpa!

Go Kristen!

We are so proud!

We also had a Charlie Brown photo shoot.

"Oh Snoopy. I loves you."
Oh that Snoopy is hilarious!
 yeah, we know he is cute.
 OOPS!!!  Someone had a little too much eggnog before the photo shoot.

He also loves doing other things...

like hanging out with his Aunt K.
Seriously, I don't know who is smitten with the other more!

He is teething (fun times) which means he now enjoys things in his mouth ALL THE TIME.

 He is enjoying tummy time more and even rolled over from his belly to his back for the first time the other day!!! I have a video, but can't upload it. But it was awesome to see!

He likes to hangout with the cats....

Or just chill by himself. (nice stems baby)

He is also part monkey and is always doing stuff with his feet!  
Our sweet monkey boy....yes he throws poop too.

And then there was getting ready for Christmas!!  Guess who was good this year?

And who was sucking up to Santa.

And then the big day came....Christmas morning!!!  YAY! (he is always big smiles in the morning!)

Christmas morning hugs with daddy.

Presents...for me!!  Ok he had no idea, but loves to watch the tree.

I loves my jumperoo!

And Henry got mommy a beautiful necklace for Christmas.
See...GORGEOUS.  It is a mother/child necklace. I cried like a baby.
What a sweet boy he is...he gets it from his daddy :)

So that's what has been going on...until next time!


  1. hehehe Charlie Brown pictures.

    The picture of the two of them sleeping after Thanksgiving is my favorite. BEST.

    I love this part, I mean I haven't thought ANY of the ages (so far) were not fun, but the age H is coming into now is awesome.

  2. Aww! Happy first Christmas to HDH.

    Congrats to Kristen!

  3. I just love seeing pics of your little guy! The egg nog pic made me LOL for real! He's such a cutie!