Thursday, December 01, 2011

HDH - 12 Weeks Old!

I cannot believe it, but Henry is 12 weeks old today!! SAY WHAT?!  Where has the time gone?!  And more importantly, why don't you have a job yet young man?

Seriously, this goes fast.  And what a difference just a few weeks seems to make at this age. Every week he not only looks different but he is doing stuff that is different and or acting different. I love it, well except for the fact that because he is changing so quickly we think we have his routine, likes, dislikes, ways to soothe him, etc….all figured out and then BAM, he changes and said things don’t work anymore. It can be frustrating until we think we have him figured out again!

I must also say that each week is getting more fun and a lot easier!  (knock on wood)

So here is what has been going on these past few weeks.

2 month check up
It went as well as can be expected. We had to wait 45 minutes and he was actually really good (thank goodness for the mobile in the room…note to self – BUY A MOBILE, THE KID LOVES THEM). The Doctor then examined him and noticed the skin on his penis started reattaching back over the head. (Yeah, I get uncomfortable with this “boy” stuff too.) So he had to pull the skin back – OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!- so that it wouldn’t fully reattach. Now we have to pull it back and put Vaseline on it every day. So needless to say, Henry was NOT happy about this and in pain from that procedure. And then on top of that he had to get his vaccines. He also upped his dose of reflux meds, which was a good thing.  Overall, he is healthy and that is all that matters! 

So, as of three weeks ago, our little chubs weighed 13lbs 4 oz and was 23.5 inches long....but that was a while ago and since then he has outgrown his size 1 diapers, all 0-3 month clothes and is out growing his 3 month pj’s.  We are now moving into 3-6 month clothes! He is SO big!

Any milestones?

Every week there seems to be something new he is doing. A couple weeks ago I gave him this little dumbbell rattle and though I had to help him put it in his hands he held on to it and was shaking it and of course hitting himself with it in the head! LOVE.

"I'm working out mommy...look at this awesome body!"

He is grabbing towards toys and is very interested in “playing” with toys.  He is also “holding” blocks in his hands and trying to figure out what the heck to do with it and when all else fails he tries to eat them!  He also has a new BFF - piglet.  He loves this toy and is always trying to put it in his mouth or cuddle it.  

"Get in my mouth pig!"

He is also hearing people and then looking for them and following them with his eyes and watching where they are going. It is fun walking from one side of the room to another with these big eyes following you the entire way! He does an amazing job at holding his head up. We have been doing tummy time (not a big fan of that) and he started sitting in his bumbo chair. 

 "I don't know how I feel about this, mom."

"Get away from my pig daddy and charlie!"

Head up!
Head down.

Head up and to the side!

He is starting to imitate us as well.  We will stick our tongue out and he will do the same.  At first we thought it was a fluke, but he does it nearly every time and you can tell he is concentrating.  And of course, smiling is part of our daily routine now….which starts every morning when he gets out of bed! Nothing like seeing a smiling baby first thing in the morning.  So yes, many many milestones.  It is amazing watching him as he is starting to learn new things and figure things out!

I don’t like to talk about his sleeping because when I do he then sleeps horrible. But let’s just say we are lucky that he is such a good sleeper at night. He typically goes to bed between 9:30-10:30pm (closer to the 10:30) and sleeps till 8 or 9am.  Like I said, I am well aware how lucky we are and I want this to carry on but know it could change.  He stirs and even cries during the night but it is so brief that he just puts himself back to sleep.  We only get up when it is a real cry and not a sleepy, need to get re-comfortable cry. Now if mommy could just figure out how to sleep through the night and not wake up every couple hours that would be great!

Favorite things?
Loves his Piglet (Pinky) and his blocks. LOVES LOVES LOVES people talking to him!

He also loves his nightlight. This turtle nightlight is in his room and projects stars on the ceiling. Henry has this on every night when we rock him to sleep and he will just stare at the stars. (This is a MUST HAVE item!)

Finally, the boy loves his hands. I mean looooves them.  He is always sucking on those bad boys.  It soothes him and helps him fall asleep or go back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  He also sucks his fingers when he is really hungry.  It is hilarious listening to him slurp on his fingers!  Typically, those noises bother me, but it is my kid so it is cute.

(We did not pose him like this...the boy just already knows he wants to ROCK!)

Least favorite things?
When you stop talking to him or ignore him. He likes the social interaction and wants to be talked to (he must get that from his dad). He also is NOT a fan of putting the lotion on after his bath.  Nope, I think we could say he HATES it.

"Yeah, that's right ladies! Take all this awesomeness in."

"I like leaning in my bumbo!" 

Big smiles!!

In his Iron Maiden onesie counting all his favorite Iron Maiden songs.
The shirt says: "I Listen to Iron Maiden with my Daddy." LOVE

In his old man hat making his old man face!

"Hey kids get off my lawn!!"

(What is funny about this picture is that on the TV it says "The Rise of Dick" and then Henry is making this face. Awesome.)


Someone loves Dr. Seuss :)

Sweet boy, just gave up fighting tummy time.

(I didn’t get out thanksgiving pictures uploaded yet…those will come soon!)


  1. Yay what a fantastic update! I loved seeing all of these photos. He's getting so big!

  2. Cute!

    (We had a penis problem, too.)

  3. You make me excited to have a boy. He's so handsome. Love all the photos.

  4. Oh my goodness - I had so many comments when reading this!

    I love the photos of HDH's belly. LOVE. And those faces? Stop it. The smile! Be still my heart. That little old-man hat? ("Get off of my lawn" made me laugh out loud. Miss you.)

    ALL of these are precious. Seriously.

    And good on you for dealing with the baby penis. I'll be honest. It scares me.

  5. ohmygosh, he's so cute. (ditto penis problem. these days he won't let me near it so let's all cross our fingers everything is going well. the best i can do is apply judicious soap and water, all that.)

  6. So cute! Love the pictures and all your anecdotes! Keep them coming! Especially love the tummy time fights! We did that with my niece and nephews! My sisters, mom and I would take turns 'torturing' the children making them lay on their bellies and the men would get so upset when the kids would cry (it has never really bothered me that much!) Of course it was when the kids got upset enough and mad that they finally rolled over for the first time...but what did we know! Hang in there, he'll get it too! Love to all!

  7. Head up, head down. Lol. Supa cute!

  8. As we all have children, I feel that they are tailored specifically for us. This could not possibly be solidified more than by Henry's readiness to rock. He clearly was made for you and T.

    I couldn't be happier to have no penis issues up in here. However, the hoo issues freak out Louis so... we can't all win.