Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Let's Compare, Shall We?!

So people always ask us “who do you think Henry resembles more?”  and I always give the same answer, Terry.  Now while I think Henry looks like Henry, it is fun to look for pieces of each of us in our son….and there are lots of pieces of Terry in this boy!  (Which is fun for Terry because Terry was adopted, and I think it is exciting for him to see such an obvious resemblance.)

I remember shortly after we met our little guy we first noticed his chin and lips, and those are totally my husband’s chin and lips.  He is also a ginger, which Terry was a ging when he was born!  Infact, the only things we can make out that sorta look like they are from me are his nose and toes (poor guy, I have ugly feet!).     

It is strange, but I feel he looks exactly like he is suppose to and as he is growing we see parts of us, but mostly we just see him!   And I love that.   

So here is the proof that he looks nothing like me.  When I look at my pictures I do not see Henry at all, but when I look at Terry's baby pictures I totally see Henry! 

Terry - 10 weeks

Henry 10.5 weeks

Terry - 11 weeks

Henry at 10.5 weeks
 It is crazy how similar they look, right!! I think they are making the same face!

Dang! Who's a chunky monkey?!  Jenn is!

Nope, except for maybe the double chin we don't look anything alike :)

Ok, Henry and I may have the same belly :)


  1. Now THAT is an uncanny (and super cute) resemblance.

    And you? You are so cute.

  2. Ha! Totally a baby Terry. I also think H looks like T in the pic you have on your sidebar!

  3. Wow...he DOES look really similar to your husband. I think that's so cool when children resemble their parent(s) so closely.

    Thanks for the offer for newborn clothes...unfortunately, none of my children have EVER worn newborn size. They come out wearing 3 month size clothes. ;)

  4. I love comparison photos! I also can NEVER tell when a baby looks like a parent. It's a baby! Babies can look like other babies and that's why this post rocks.

    You are a cute baby.