Saturday, December 04, 2010

This and That....

I love the addition of Sea Salt on foods instead of things that are just “salted”. I am currently snacking on peanuts with pure sea salt. Delicious.

I am listening to Christmas music on the River online. LOVE IT. Can I also say that Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban literally give my goosebumps every single time I hear them sing. *swoon*

Speaking of Christmas music, the only version of the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” that is good is the Muppets version with John Denver. All other versions are annoying and can suck it! Now that’s the Christmas spirit. ba-dum-bum-bum

I was SO happy that it was lightly snowing this week! Beautiful. It was the first snow of the winter and that is just fantastic. I will say that while I loathe ice, I am a big fan of the snow.

I cannot believe it is December. Seriously?! December. Holy crap, it is almost 2011!! To me the slowest part of any year is May – August. It drags for me. But come September (which kicks off 4 of my 5 most favorite months), the time fly’s by SO fast and before you know it, Christmas and then the New Year is here. WHAT?! It is Nuck’n Futs people, Nuck’n Futs.

Speaking of Christmas, we picked up all our Christmas stuff from the storage unit today and will start putting things up today and tomorrow. EXCITED!

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Terry finished his last week of classes this week and next week is finals. I know he is thrilled and to be honest, so am I. Three days a week he gets home after 10pm and the other 2 days he is home at 8pm. And then he works on the weekend and studies. I know he is burnt out, so for him mentally and physically he NEEDS to have a few weeks off. But to be selfish for a second, I am excited to have a little more time with him in the evenings. He will still be working till 8pm and have to work on the weekends….but it will be so great to have those extra hours each night to spend together!

I need to clean up my personal email. I have WAY too many emails in my inbox. I wish I could keep it clean, but as I have a horrible memory I just keep a lot of stuff I want to remember in my inbox.  It is just a mess and annoys me.

I have said this before, but as I just used them I must say that I love Biore pore strips. And even more, I love looking at all the dirt that comes out of my pores under one of T’s magnifying glasses that he uses for his coins. I could literally just look at that strip for an hour. Gross, yes. But also interesting. And speaking of interesting is this book that came out in September that I feel I would love. Microcosmos: Discovering The World Through Microscopic Images From 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification. You can see your eyebrow, or skin, or nail, or bugs magnified!! COOL. It is a book of photographs that capture incredibly magnified images of Microorganisms, botany, the human body, zoology, mineral and technology. This book looks awesome!

I didn’t feel like making this photo challenge picture its own post so here it is mixed in with my random post.

Day 04: photo/s of a place/s you’d like to visit. There are many places I would like to visit that I may or may not ever get around to visiting, but this answer is based solely on the top 5 places I feel I have to visit someday even if we never went anywhere else.

#1. Ireland & England. I MUST visit Ireland and England before I die. I JUST MUST. I really really would love to take T. there after he graduates Mortuary College in a couple years. If we can only take one vacation the rest of our lives, then it must be this one. Now if they can just figure out teleportation in the next couple years so I do not have to fly over water then that would be even better.

#2. Hilton Head, South Carolina. Ok….this is a cheat one because we have plans to go there NEXT MAY, but I am putting it on my list because I have always wanted to visit Hilton Head and that area. Infact, I originally wanted to move there after school and work at a resort in North or South Carolina. Plus I needed to put one warm beach location on my list!

#3 Maine & The New England Region. I have never been anywhere up there and I have always felt just based on pictures and what I have seen on TV that the area up there is just ME. I love the look of the area, the history, the fishing/seafood, the weather (yes, I know it gets cold), the homes…everything! I know we will never move there, but I think it would be such a fun and interesting (and tasty) place to visit.

#4 Nova Scotia, Canada. Oh my goodness, this town looks like it would be an AMAZING place to visit (or live). It translates to New Scotland and is where many Europeans settled a long time ago. It just looks like a place rich in culture, history, and beauty…and I love that.

#5 Vancouver, BC, Canada. Ok, so do you notice a trend of places I would like to visit? Yeah, me too. What can I say, it just looks like such a wonderful and beautiful place to go.

Ok, feel free to share places you would like to go or whatever else you want to share!


  1. (I think you forgot to add the picture of Los Cabos, Mexico. I forgive you.)

    Biore strips have NEVER worked for me. I'm glad they work for you.

    How nice that you and T. will have time together!

    I'm really excited to get my Tastefully Simple stuff.

    Christmas music is fantastic.

    When my inbox is too overwhelmed, I make a folder called Archive 12-4-10 (or whatever the date is) and just put EVERYTHING in it. That way, I still HAVE everything, it's just not all up in my grill every time I log in. I highly recommend this.

  2. Uh, visiting good friends in Los Cabos is TOTALLY at the top of our list! This was my list AFTER that...sorry I should have clarified :)

  3. :) Apology accepted.

    (Loved this post, by the way. Made me feel as if we were chatting...)

  4. I love the sea salt!

    Anything with the Muppets is clearly superior to any non-Muppet equivalent. Even Muppet Babies was awesome. :)

    SNOW ROCKS. I was really excited to see that we're supposed to have snow something like six out of the next seven days. Yay, Ohio!

    I'm so glad you and T will have more time together the next few weeks. :) SO nice. Enjoy your time together!

    (My word veri is "lying." But I promise everything I said above is true. Swear it.)