Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Finding The Happy - Christmas Edition!

As I pull myself out of this Christmas Funk, I thought it would be good to post pictures of where I am finding the happy. 

Sunday, I definitely found the happy and it was in baking and finally getting our tree up. We listened to Christmas music all day and stayed in our PJ's and it felt just like Christmas in our house!  I looooved it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough....mmmmm

BEST kitchen purchase EVER after the Kitchen Aid.  
A medium scoop is perfect for making all these cookies quickly and uniformly.

 Look how perfect those cookies are!

 Our "cooling" Station. It was also the testing station as warm cookies are the best!

Packaged Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Packaged Snickerdoodles.

 Peanut Butter Blossoms. Terry had the great idea to mix red and green sugar with the regular sugar! 
So festive.

 Fudge 1 - Double Chocolate fudge with slivered almonds.

Fudge 2 - Traditional Fantasy Fudge

Terry & K. putting up the tree!

The tree!!  Loves this tree. And why is the picture blurry? Oh, that is because it is spinning!
Yep, our tree spins.....and we are that awesome.

Another picture without the lights.

I love that ALL 3 cats (except Belle as she ate too much Sunday and was feeling bloating and didn't want her picture taken....I get it!) just lay by the tree and watch it spin.  SO cute. 

Here is Charlie watching the tree...

Here is Sebastian watching the tree.....

And here is Charlie just laying under the tree....which again all 3 cats love to do.

Yep, I am finding the Happy.

(Cookies left to bake: Frosted cutouts, Gingerbread men & ladies, Chocolate crinkles, 2 kinds of biscotti, Pecan Tassies, Chocolate covered pretzels, Butter & Jam thumbprints, shortbread. YAY!)


  1. Several comments.

    That first picture had my mouth watering.

    Your "packaged" cookies look amazing. Kindly send me some. :)

    Finally, I LOVE YOUR TREE SO MUCH. Clearly Charlie does, too. That cat has good taste.

  2. I want cookies NOW. ;) Those look so good.

    I love that your tree spins and I love that it is white. My MIL's tree spins and I always thought it was so cool - you can see all the ornaments, instead of missing out on the ones on the opposite side.

  3. Your cookies are PERFECT!