Monday, September 21, 2009

I Love....

This weekend T & I purchased a little something special for our patio. We got a fire pit, and I have to say I (we) LOVE it!

Why did we get a fire pit, you may ask. Well because T & I like to sit outside during the cooler evenings and just chill and talk and there is something about the crackle, smell, and warmth of a fire that makes that time outside that much better.

Saturday night we sat outside on a very cool night for over an hour and a half and while I drank a nice warm hot chocolate, we spent the evening talking and listening to the fire.

It was SO calming.

Here is a picture of our lovely fire in our new fire pit. My hubby did a fine job getting that thing started!

We got a medium sized fire pit as we do not have a huge patio. We also wanted something that was not cheap looking, but not expensive - this was perfect and very reasonably priced. It ended up being a perfect size for the space we have and it produces a good amount of heat for the area we use. (It doesn't get so hot you can't sit around it but warm enough to take the chill off you during the brisk fall months.)

If anyone would like to come over and drink some hot chocolate, wine, or T's very own hard cider and sit by the fire, please feel free to stop by! :)

I would also say every couple should get one of these, as I think the time spent around one is therapeutic and calming and great for your relationship to just have that time together.


  1. Oh! That looks lovely!!!

    We have a much smaller version and we LOVE to use it... Yep... we're just waiting for one of those "brisk, fall nights" here in Cabo...

  2. Oh! I have a good idea!
    Remember how you said you're streamlining and going through your house and cleaning stuff out? Perhaps you can BURN what you don't need! :)

    I'm sure your neighbors will love the sweet smell of plastic on these fall evenings...