Wednesday, September 16, 2009


From early on in our relationship.....

...through our engagement..... the moment we became husband and wife....

....we have continued to be partners in this relationship, walking together side-by-side....

.....while also remembering in this busy life to just stop and make time to be with each other....... we remind ourselves of the vows we took..... that even through the highs and lows, our life together will continue to be full of lots of love and laughter....

.....And I feel so blessed that I can call you my husband and that we get to share our life with each other!

Why I love you….

- Your smile and unbelievably infectious laugh.

- You never try to be anything or anyone other than yourself….you are always and around everyone, just you.

- Your hugs.

- The opinions you have that are your own and not always what is viewed as “the norm” and the way you are able to express them to people in such a logical and intelligent way.

- That when you talk to people about sensitive topics like religion or politics you are respectful of others opinions, state your own opinions, get people to listen intensely to what you have to say and though you never try to make people change their beliefs you bring in other viewpoints that make them think past the basics and really get into the heart of ones beliefs. This is such a special gift.

- Your very sarcastic and dry humor.

- That you will always be a child at heart.

- Your gorgeous blue eyes.

- That you collect and listen to records, collect coins & silver, that you love antiques and appreciate things from the past…your tastes are those of someone 30-40 years older than yourself....but that is ok!! :)

- Your eclectic taste in music - you love metal, classical, blues/Jazz, old time country (i.e Hank Williams), and Christmas Music…oh and the Spice Girls :)

- That you know how to deal with me and my wonderful mood swings.

- That we can talk for hours and that I can listen to you talk for hours on every subject from sci-fi to Religion, to politics, to food, to cartoons. (this is the thing I first fell in love with)

- Your ability to retain nearly all the information you read or hear.

- Because you truly love and care about my family.

- That you are laid-back and easy going and because of that, together we balance each other out perfectly.

- Your beliefs.

- Your collection of t-shirts.

- That we both recognize the importance of time together and time with friends and there is a perfect balance between the two.

- That you have a Godzilla toy on the dash of your car.

- That you can make me smile with just a look.

- That patience, compromise, understanding, trust, honesty, friendship, respect, and love are not just words to you, but things you believe make for a strong marriage.

- That you are going back to school so you can do something you want to do. I am SO incredibly proud of you.

- That there are SO many different layers to you and the longer we are together the more that unravel.

And for so many MANY more reasons than these is why I love you and so happy to share this journey with you! I can't wait to see what the next year has to hold.

I love you xoxoxo! *MWAH*


  1. happy's to many more! :)

  2. Aww, how sweet! Hope you both enjoy your day!

  3. I have the chills, W.K. So beautifully written in truly-W.K.-style.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Terry!

  4. happy anniversary! you have many reasons to love each other. i'm sure if T. had a blog, he'd have just as long of a list of compliments.

    here's to many more years of wedded bliss. i'm glad that you found one another.

    (P.S. - your hair is SO pretty in the wedding photos. i love them)

  5. Awww, you two are just too cute! I hope you had a great anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you two! I love seeing your wedding photos!

  7. So I could write a blog about your anniversary, but while I'm here I think I should just write the gist of what I would say.

    First and foremost happy anniversary to the two of you. I am so incredibly proud of the two of you, both separately as individuals and together as a couple. It is difficult to find, especially in today's relationship climate, two people that are just. perfectly. suited. I have seen you grow up and mature so amazingly before my eyes because of your relationship with Terry; at the same time though, he's been able to remind you to not take life so seriously and sometimes, all you need is a trust hug ;)

    I feel so truly blessed to call you and Terry family. You are two of the few people who can put me perfectly at ease. I love both of you undoubtedly, and the past year+ has been so much fun with you two. I feel very honored to call you and Terry family.

    I love you, and happy anniversary.