Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Henry - This Age Is Awesome

Have I mentioned how awesome my little man is?


Well you (and by you I mean my 3 readers) are going to hear about him again!

Henry is just a few weeks away from 3 ½ (what, huh, when did this happen?!) and boy o’ boy, is this an age.

He is awesome and stubborn. Hilarious and dramatic.  Self-sufficient and needy.  Adventurous and independent.  Goofy and moody. And he is full of all the emotions, good and bad.

the grumps

He always wants to help, but of course on his own terms.
Loves chores

He has his own opinions and not afraid to share them and if you do not like his opinions, then LOOK OUT.

He knows how to make people laugh and is hilarious to be around.   He actually wants to make jokes and make people smile.  His faces are priceless and always with the laughter…well until he doesn’t want you laughing and then you get yelled at for laughing when 1.5 seconds ago we were all laughing.

The things he says.  I try to write them down, but it is hard and I forget or I am laughing so hard I don’t think to remember them.  Or I am too busy getting lawyered by my 3 year old to write them down.

Me: Henry, are you tired?
H: No, I am just laying down to save my energy. 


Me: Henry, go brush your teeth.
H: “UUUUUUUHHHHH. (dramatic turn) FINE MOM.


H: Mom, I am not bad today, I am just pretending to be bad.


H: Mom stupid is not a nice word.  I won’t say stupid anymore.  We shouldn’t say stupid because it is bad.  Like bitch is bad and stupid is bad.


H: Mom, I am going to say stupid today. 
Me: But that is not a nice word. 
H: Yeah, but this is my conversation and I am choosing to say stupid. It is my choice.
Me: Well, then you have to deal with the consequences of using bad language.
H: That’s stupid.


Me: Henry, you are the best.
H: Yes I am.
(Humbleness has yet to be learned yet)


H: Mom, can I have a cookie.
Me: No, after dinner.
H: How about I have a cookie now and then I will eat my dinner.
Me: No, that is not how it works.
H: That is how it works for me!
(and then if no cookie, commence dramatic tears)


H: Ok, mom.  This is your choice.  You either play cars with me or play trucks with me.  That is your choice.  If you do not choose, you will go on yellow and then a time out.


H: Lily is my girlfriend and my best friend and I love her.
Me: Oh really.  What exactly is a girlfriend?
H: someone you do things with and is your best friend and you love.


Terry and I were talking this week how cool he is.  I mean, like really cool.  And fun to be around.  Well, most of the time unless he is hangry. You won’t like Henry when he is hangry!!  HENRY SMASH.

We also said it is funny that T & I are so introverted, especially growing up, and our son is the opposite. He loves talking to people (Henry…stranger danger!!), he loves to be around “his kids” (friends) and he always wants to be outside and NEVER stops moving or climbing.

 (he is standing on my legs)

Can't walk without jumping
You can't tell, but that leg never stops moving, even when he is laying down. 
Oh and notice the destruction!

Seriously.  NEVER. STOPS. MOVING.  We say he has restless leg syndrome.

He is also the sweetest.  I mean the sweetest.  He will come up to me and just give me a kiss on the cheek or mouth “just because I love you”.  He will come up and whisper “I love you mommy.”  Or say “We are best friends”.  He gives out the best and tightest hugs.  “One more hug mom” “Always, my sweet boy.”  And he always  wants to snuggle.  Honestly, I am not sure this kid leaves my lap or side, he always wants to be with me.  I hope the sweetness never ends.

 on my lap & cuddling

He also uses his manners (in between saying poop and fart) but I am impressed at how well he uses please and thank you and excuse me.  Now if we can just work on the name calling and pushing/punching.

My son fits into no single mold, which I not only love but encourage.  I just want him to be himself and happy with who he is and who he wants to be.

He loves to cook, bake, fight, jump, run, and wear my high heels.  He loves princess and avengers. He picked out shoes (size 11!!) the other day that had spider-man on them and another pair with pink sequins and fur.  He loves to “shake his booty” and wants to take dance class and karate.  He loves technology and writing and doing anything adults do.

He loves finding recipes with me on pinterest

This age.

This age really is SO MUCH FUN.  Yes, there are some issues because he is more independent and thinking on his own and making more choices, but he is also so great to be around.  So awesome!!

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