Saturday, January 11, 2014

From the Mouth of Babes

So remember when I was blogging about how Henry was a late talker HERE and HERE?  Well if not at 18 months Henry wasn't talking much and by 20 months getting VERY frustrated communicating to us.  And then by August, a month before his 2nd birthday, words started spewing out of his mouth!  I mean he was learning and/or saying new words pretty much every day!  And then by the end of 2013 this child, who was a late talker, was talking NON-STOP!!  Phrases, trying to say words, repeating.  It is awesome :-)

So for my record and hopefully your entertainment, here are some of the funniest things he has said or things I enjoy hearing him say.


He says his name in the sweetest of voices!!  He pronounces it Hen-nee.  So cute :-)


This kid loves books (which makes me so happy as I am not a reader) and he loves to read books.  His version of The Monster at the End of This Book is FANTASTIC!!  I am trying to record, but normally it is a bedtime book and no cameras at bedtime.  But it goes something like this, turning pages as we go:

"Monster end book.  So scared! Shhhhhhhhh.  ALL RIGHT!!! NO TURN PAGES!! ALL RIGHT, ALL RIGHT!!  No turn pages.  Scared.  OK, ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT!!!  Scared. Monster book. No Turn pages. ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT. All done."

You guys.  I could listen to his version over and over!! (and yes, the ALL RIGHT part is his favorite!)


Along with that he mimics everything, especially TV shows.  For instance, we are watching Daniel Tiger and Daniel goes to the doctor and gets his shot and Henry mimics everything. "Mama, I get shot. Close Eyes. Be happy. OUCH. Here sticker. All done!"  It is so cute to watch, especially as he checks your heart and eyes and everything before!


Every day after school (aka daycare aka the germ factory) I ask how his day was and what he did and we talk about his day.  Usually his response is something like "Great!  Play kids.  Eat. Dance." Well this week I asked him these questions and then he came up to me and put his hand on me and said "Mama, how day at work you?"  When I told him I had a good day he said "GREAT" and ran off to play.  It melted my heart.


A couple weeks ago I came downstairs from getting dressed and he is eating breakfast and the following conversation takes place:

H: “What that shirt?” points to shirt I am wearing

Me: “It’s a new shirt! Is it pretty?”

H: Shakes head NO.

Me: “What, you don’t like mama’s shirt?!”

H: Shakes head NO again.

Me: “Should I change?”

H: “Yes.” Continues eating and watching TV.

 I mean, come on!!  Kids keep it real.


And then there are gems like when I was holding a baby and Henry got really needy and wanted to sit on my lap and I said “are you jealous” and he replied “No, I Henee”.  Awesome.  Yes, you are Henry!


Me: “Henry, you are a good kid!”

H: “I no kid”

Me: “You are not?  Are you a baby?”

H: “No!”

Me: “Well what are you?”

H:. “Henee big boy!”


Chasing something he says: "Me got it, Me got it!!"


Drops something: "Aahhh, man!"


When he falls or you sneeze or take a turn too fast or, well anything, he says "WHOA, WHOA, MAMA, WHOA!"  Or if he falls it is "Mama, I whoa'd"


He is becoming a bit of a tattler, which we are working on.  Normally it is always tattling on Terry.  I think they provoke each other.

“Mommy!  Daddy No no’d me!!”
"Daddy make me (brush) teeth!!!"

For some reason he is butting heads with Terry lately and everything terry does is tattled on, good or bad."

"MAMA!!! Daddy kiss me!!"
"Daddy wash face!!!"

Henry is a bit dramatic :-)


He also has attitude now so conversations like this:

H: "I want that!!"

Me: "No Henry, you cannot have (xyz)"

H: "I want that NOW!!!"

Me: "Henry, that is NOT how we ask for things."

H: "I want that now please."

I still chuckle to myself when he is not looking.  I mean, he said please, right?!


Me singing..

H: "STOP. No singing, mom!!  STOP SINGING NOW."

Mr. attitude.


"shhhhhh, no talk mommy!!!". Uh, really.  You know you are a kid and we are adults, right. Oh, did I mention he thinks he is an adult?!


Of course though, out of everything he says to me or anyone else, my absolute favorite is:

Me: “Henry, I love you.”

H: “Yub you too.”


YOU GUYS.  These conversations just melt my heart and make me smile SO much!!

Addendum: This morning after I got dressed for work I went in to get Henry ready for school.  I walked in to a smiling child standing in his crib and this conversation took place:

Me: “Good morning, Henry!”
H: “Morning!”
Me: “How are you?”
H: “Great!”
Me: Now standing right next to the crib infront of him.
H: “Mommy’s booboos. I honk. HONK. HONK. HONK. HONK.” As he proceeds to honk my boobs

Nothing like a morning booboo (boobs) honk from your two year old to really get your morning started off right!  P.S. We have NO idea where he learned this.  No, really!

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