Tuesday, March 05, 2013

In The News - Funny

As I skimmed WTOL news at lunch today I see this headline:

"Women "Donkey Kicked" Officer.

I don't know why it caught me as funny but it made me laugh.  Then when I heard the reporter say it in the video clip I laughed even harder.

There is just something funny about the visual and the use of the phrase "donkey kicked".

Story HERE.

Happy Tuesday, Folks!!


  1. Oh dear friend. I saw this on FB a few minutes ago and had to read it twice. FABULOUS headline.

  2. Toledo **consistently** churns out fantastic news stories.

    1. Yes they do. Last night as I watched the news there was a story about a lady who tried to flee the police in a child's toy car. Needless to say she didn't get away and she had been drinking.

      Good times :)

  3. HAHAH! Donkey kick reminds me of donkey punch - which is something different entirely.