Friday, February 22, 2013

HDH - 17.5 Months

Oh dear, dear son.

You are growing up SO FAST.

So fast that you are losing that baby-ness quality and looking more and more like a little toddler boy every week!

I honestly couldn't write down just how much he has changed since my last post, when he was a mere 14 months old, because he has changed that much.  14 months, that seems like an eternity ago!  These children really do change in the blink of an eye.  Nearly EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. he does something new and/or that amazes me.  It really is incredible to watch, and on occasion, a bit irritating (can I get an Amen, parents?!) but mostly it is amazing.

I mean just today in between me writing this post he learned how to open all the upstairs doors and now opens them like he has been opening them forever.

This week he also realized he can open the oven door.  So yeah, some additional childproofing will be going on this weekend.

He goes in a few weeks for his 18 month check up, so I don't have his latest measurements but my son is tall, as tall as some of the 2-3 years olds at his school.  He can reach up on all the counters, table, the entertainment center, some of the lights, now the doors....basically he can get into everything that does not have a lock on it.  And even then, I think he would find a way to get in it.  I love that he is tall, BUT I do not love that he can get into everything that a 2-3 year old can get into due to his size but is only 17 months and has limited impulse control. Therefore there is a CONSTANT battle in our house that involves taking things away, moving things, saying NO, and hiding things and then trying to remember where you hid said items when you actually need them.

He is also getting an attitude because he thinks he should be able to have everything in the house that he wants but also lacks the communication skills to full express himself and understand our reasoning. There are many tantrums centered around him wanting something or being mad that it is taken away or that he is not allowed to have it.

You know, the normal things all parents go through with their children :)

Sad face melts my heart!  I wants to smooch it.

Overall, Henry is an AWESOME child.

Yep. Just awesome.

He is funny.  He is smart.  He is developing his own little personality.  He is learning every day and in turn teaching us every day.

It is amazing. (I know I keep saying that, but it it.)

So what's new....

Well first, he started school.  He goes one day a week for just a few hours.  Since he has been home with Terry since he was born, he has limited interaction with kids.  But over the last few months we noticed how drawn to kids in stores or on TV he was.  Ok, are ready for "school"!  We are starting him out slow since Terry is still in school himself, but probably by next fall we will look at bumping him up to a few days a week.

He really seems to like it, and I think it is a great thing for him.  He is learning to be away from us, interacting with new people and children his age, sharing, talking, and the place provides an atmosphere to teach him things we don't.

First day of School!

Speaking of learning, Henry may not say a lot of new words but his recall is getting so much better.  Henry, go get your CD player, your bank, your brown ball, Big Bird, ect....and he does!  he pretty much understands the names for all of his toys and many of the day to day objects in our house.  He has also started pointing to things in his picture book when we ask him.  Most of the pictures he points too are things that are familiar to him.  Where is the pillow, the light, the crib, banana, cup, ect.. It is fantastic to see!

He also loves doing chores.  He gets paid $1 a week (increases by $1 each year) to do his chores.  At first it was just to turn off the lights when we leave the room.  But now he helps with everything. (sorry child, that doesn't mean you get a pay increase!!)  Every night he grabs the two humidifier containers and carries them into the bathroom so we can fill them.  He puts his dirty clothes in the hamper.  He throws away trash.  He puts his posse of stuffed animals in his crib. Brushes his teeth.  And any other chores we may "need" done that night.  He is definitely becoming more independent and wants to show that Independence.   The best part is seeing just how proud he is when he does his chores....and we are proud of him too.

Always a blur with him.....

He is an amazing eater.  He tries pretty much everything.  He may not like it, but he tries.  He has a very healthy appetite and gets angry when things interfere with his meal time. The boy likes his food!

I believe I made one of THE best purchases for him ever this month.  Now that he is getting older, we are noticing what types of things he likes playing with and what things he may not be as interested in.  Well my child LOVES anything cooking.  Pots, pans, toy food, grocery carts, spoons, measuring cups....we may have a future Food Network Star in this house!  I found these pots and pans on Amazon for only $22.  They are actually really sturdy, Terry said they were better quality than ones he had when he got his first apartment :)  We also bought these wooden food items.  I will be getting more for his birthday.  He loves them and I love that they are wood so they will not be easily destroyed.  Since getting these, Henry has spent hours playing with them.  Seriously, best purchase so far.

 Whatcha Cook'n, Good Look'n?!

He has his own shelf.
He still uses our cooking utensils.
Reorganizing Tupperware

He also started doing this thing where he goes over to the drawer with the pot holders, grabs one, closes the drawer, goes over to his pan, puts it around the handle or opens the lid with it. WHAT?!  I didn't teach him that.  I think he got it from just watching me cook!  Adorable.

Daniel Tiger, from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS is a favorite in this house.  If he is grumpy, before bedtime, or if mom and dad need 25 minutes of quiet then on goes Daniel and this kid is gone. LOVE. He got his very own Daniel Tiger sweatshirt from Grandma and Grandpa with his name is on it.  We all love this sweatshirt!

He actually shouts "Hey Jenn (Yen)" when he yells for me.  It is only Mama when he wants something and/or  upset. And even then I don't know that he is really calling me mama or not.  He goes straight up to Terry and points to him and says dad or dadda and even asks for dadda....but me, well I am Yen.  Really, child?! I think it is because he hears Terry say it.

He gives hugs....real hugs.  The kind of hugs where he squeezes back! (They're the best)

He gives tons of open mouth kisses!

He is happy and funny and soooo sweet and silly and loves to climb, sing, dance, stomp and jump.

Folks, I could go on and on, and if you ask me to I will (and I sorta have). But below are some extra pictures to see more of our little man.  Some are from Christmas I just took off the camera today...I am so behind.

And speaking of Christmas, it is our Christmas card that we made, printed, cut out, addressed and I forgot to mail! *sigh* Anyone want a Christmas card in February?! I think we will use these next year....

His "cheeeeese" face

He wanted to take a nap with a big persno pillow.

Chill' does he look so old?!

watching TV and pushing his feet in my face...ew

I smooch that face.
Goofy child.


 Sweet boy!!!

 Calling Santa to say thanks.

Love the smirk.

 A Christmas Story re-enactment?!?!

 HATES BIBS.  (P.S. this bib is awesome)
 No more singing, mama.

Yep, he is changing and I love it.  And I love you my little man, bunches and bunches and BUNCHES!


  1. He's SO cute. I love toddlers. I'm sorry he's feeling unwell :(

    The more verbal he gets the more fun you're going to have :)

  2. HDH is a little man! He's a doll.