Thursday, November 29, 2012

HDH - 14 ish Months

So, our (not so) little man is about a week and half away from turning 15 months old but he thinks he is two….you know, if he had any concept of age.

So what is he up to?

Well I feel it is better to show you what he is like as you may get a better understanding.

(Some pictures are repeats from other social media sites, but enjoy again!)

First off, he is getting big.  People have asked me how old he is and I say 14 months and their response is usually something like “really, he is only 14 months?!  He seems too big to be only 14 months.”  OK, he is really 14.5 months now :)  I think having a bigger child people expect him to act a certain way if they think he is older than he is and they don't know his real age.  We have had a couple instances like that where I have been asked about things and I let them know how old he is, to which I get an "ooooh, that explains it".  You know, because kids can't develop differently even if they are the same age, right?!  ugh.

 (Uh, who is this child in our house crouched on his bed and watching TV?!)

 (His legs touch the bottom.  When did this happen.)

He just looks so grown up in this picture....sweet baby, where are you going?!

He knows what he wants.  And what he wants is to be on the couch (or anything he can climb on), the remotes, anything electronic, anything out of reach, and anything that is not his.  He also knows he doesn’t want his diaper on anymore and knows how to take it off….and well, an un-potty trained naked kid is not good.

On the couch with his remote...he is such a little man. (He also can turn anything on and finds settings on electronics we didn't know existed...way to go boofy!)

No folding, must climb!

Baby Hulk must push or pull everything.

 (His favorite spot.)

(Standing on his kitchen.  I should probably get him before he gets, it will teach him.)

This outfit is 24 months and tight on him.

He is eating big kid foods and eating all by himself….can you tell?!

He likes to chill when he eats - notice the leg up

He is saying "Cheeeeese" and smiling. Damn, I love him.

He is developing his own style.

His head is a little large for most hats :)

No pants on a train is acceptable, but you must have boots on!

Love this picture!

We love the fo-hawk

My sister's Mickey Mouse ears from when she was little

When making music you need a cool hat.

He is talking…OH HOW HE TALKS.  It may be only a handful of words, but they boy loves to talk. Kitty Cat, hat, Dad, Mom, what’s this, what’s dat (EVERYTHING = “what’s that”), kisses, upstairs, down, cheese, and yes are the most popular and regular words.  He doesn’t say no, only YES.  And it is THE. SWEETEST. Yes I have ever heard someone say.  I ask him stuff just to say yes.

He waves goodbye, blows kisses, gives hugs, gives the best and wettest open mouth kisses EVER, finds his belly and ear, spins, dances, gets stuff you ask him to get,talks on the phone, sticks out his tongue, laughs at things that are funny, and tries to make us laugh.

The "what" face.

On the phone

Where is your belly...

LOVES blocks!

Sticking his tongue out

Giving his kitty hugs....sweet boy

Loves music, books, cheese, mac and cheese, broccoli, baths, trying new foods, getting into everything, being silly, and “tea parties” at 2am….we just call them that as a few nights a week he will wake up and just chat with his all the friends he has in bed.  Doesn’t cry, just talks for awhile and goes back to sleep….it is a tea party.
The only way to chew on your frozen teether.

He heard mommy was a hairy buffalo fruit diving champion....he is practicing

Grandpa taught him to just relax....

I hate feet, so of course I would have a child who not only wants to chew on his own feet, 
but he also will lick my feet if I am not paying attention. eeewwwww.

It is not all rainbows and butterflies up in our house, Terry and I are stubborn and Henry is no different.

He is entering this phase where he wants to do everything himself and gets angry and throws tantrums that involve hitting, throwing himself on the floor, screaming, and once even biting. Sigh.  He gets mad if you help him, if you don’t help him, if you take something away from him, if you don’t let him have something he wants, if you give him something he doesn’t want, if he can't go somewhere in the house by himself, if you don't pick him up to take him with you....come on kid, what do you want?!  I know this is all normal and part of their development....but geesh, it is maddening!  And on top of that attitude we also have more teeth coming in.  Some nights it is so much fun up in our house. Sarcasm noted.

(not a lot of pics of crying, but they usually look like this or with him face down on the floor...or hanging on me and crying.  I sort of think that face is adorable.)
*sneak peek at christmas card photo idea!

Nicknames: Boof (Boofy), Bubby, Buddy, Tiny Tornado, Hank

Why Tiny Tornado?
After knocking over his clean clothes....
....I caught him a few minutes later, after I noticed he was quiet for FAR too long, 
and he had put his clothes in the cat's water fountain.

Don't let this sweet face fool you....because when you have your guard down is when he comes in and causes destruction!!!

Folks, he is just acting so much older.  I LOVE it...I really do!  But it is weird how FAST these little ones grow up.  You blink and they are no longer that tiny and fragile little baby that needed you for everything that you held in your arms so carefully.  Again, I am happy he is getting older.  While age brings other struggles, I do enjoy it.  But geesh, this goes fast! I think I wanted him to be one so much, I wasn't ready for how fast they change after they turn one!

Is that MY child!!

Sweet boy....



  1. Oh gosh...our boys. They are SO much alike, it's crazy. I LOVE the photo of him snuggling with his monkey in bed. SO SWEET! It shows that even though these little boys are so crazy and wild and destructive...they are also SO ridiculously sweet. V gives the best snuggles and hugs one minute, then is tearing something apart the next. ;)

  2. HDH is a doll! I love that he has such a little personality.

    Hairy Buffalo diving champ? Lol!

  3. First off, I'm impressed that your cats have a water fountain. I'm a grown woman and I don't have one.

    Secondly, my favorite caption was, "No pants on a train is acceptable, but you must have boots on!"

    I cannot BELIEVE how big Henry is getting. And by that, I don't mean his size -- I just mean that he is clearly NOT a baby.

    Friend, he is SO CUTE.

    And, I completely and 100% remember (and sympathize) with you regarding this particular communication period. With Lila there was a lot of frustration and anger and fits. With Vivi - she just screams at us. Still.

    I loved this update. Your little man is a DOLL.