Wednesday, October 10, 2012

HDH - One Year Old - A CRAZY Amount of Photos


Yep, our little man turned one a month ago (a month already?!)….and let me tell you he is now acting like a one year old!  There must be some kind of chip activated when they turn one that gives them tons of attitude and makes them start wanting to act all independent (well as independent as a child can be when they want their mom within arm’s reach of them or always want held). Bring on the toddler years!

To be honest I love that he is gaining more independence and doing more things and WE can do more things with him.  The attitude, well what parent loves when their child doesn't get their way or can’t do something and they throw a fit?!  Um, I imagine none.  But it is part of him developing and growing up, so we are just getting use to saying NO more and dealing with the little fits and the occasional timeouts. And yes, he had his first timeout recently as when he gets mad at me, and just me, he slaps me in the face.  Nice.  Of course when he isn't mad at me he likes to put his arm down my shirt and just leave it there while he watches TV or plays with a toy…sooooo, I feel like I am getting mixed signals from him :)  Either way, we still have a VERY pleasant and happy and funny child which is fantastic.

 I also am admitting that I am enjoying this.  All of this.  I have said before, the first year was rough, but I like what we have going on right now.  I know this little man now (he is no longer a stranger) and I am enjoying watching him experience new things, seeing what he can do, watching him understand what is going on, pushing himself and I even don’t mind watching him push us at times.  He IS turning into Henry and something clicked the last few months and it amazing.  

Yes, I still have my moments…believe me I have my moments.  But it is different now.  You know when they are a month and then two months and then four months. Most of the time that first year, at least with me, I was just trying to get by….get to that next milestone, get to the next month. SURVIVE.  But now I kind of want it to slow down a bit because there is so much to enjoy and I am excited for the next month not to “just get by” but because it is truly exciting.  The first year there are a lot of physical changes but it is a lot of just watching someone who is 100% reliant on you.  They grow bigger, sleep through the night, sit up, roll over, smile, crawl and they are just starting to “get it”.  But towards the end of the first year and for the next few the changes are in their personality and knowledge, which is AMAZING.  Saying words, giving kisses & hugs, laughing at things that are funny, being silly, just getting things, becoming their own person and gaining their independence.  

Yeah, it is getting pretty darn awesome.  HE is REALLY awesome. 

The Post….

His first birthday party was wonderful!  The day was cool and sunny which was perfect for an outside party.  Henry was in a decent mood considering he was still congested and getting over his first cold.  Only issue with him is he wanted to do nap more and so he was just a bit off throughout the day and not his silly self.  Of course part of this was also due to all the people and he is shy/quiet around people.  But overall it was perfection. 

Sweet boy.
(Getting ready to wake him up for his party....he was already 30 minutes late, but it was his party so it was OK!)

The birthday boy!

His was banana flavored in honor of our monkey & his monkey party.

This is delicious.
 Don't you try to take my cake....I see you eyeing it.
I am fairly certain he is giving someone the stinkeye.

I am going in.....

He refused to take pictures with anyone on his birthday.

Shy Boy.

Get out of my way Daddy, I gots new wheels and places to go!

At his 12 month appointment he got all his shots, minus the flu, and for the first time since he was a newborn I cried.  I had to hold him down and there is just something about your child looking into your eyes and not understanding what is going on and crying while you hold them down that kills you.  Luckily, he took a nice long nap after and was fine that evening.  Lets just say Daddy gets to hold him down next time.

As of 9/14/12:
weight - 25lb 1oz
height - 32 1/4"

clothes - can still squeeze into some 12 months but has moved mainly to 18 months and 24 month or 2T shirts.

Words/Phrases - Dada, Mama (finally, just in the last few weeks!), kitty cat, hat, kisses, thank you, I did it, I do it, done, whats dis (this) & whats that and then he points to stuff or turns his hands up, he says YES but will not say NO, just shakes his head.  It sort of suits him as I tell him NO and he looks at me and says YES.

What he is doing - Getting into everything!  He gives kisses ( w/ a little tongue....perv) and then says "thank you kisses".  Loves to read.  Showed him how to color, prefers eating the crayons or ripping the paper. Afraid of stairs, because he can't get down. Diaper changes are not fun, unless he is distracted.  Recognizing things when you ask for them "where is your cup? get your car." Things like that.  Very very clingy towards me, even if I leave the room and Terry is with him.  Loves to make himself or us laugh.  It is fantastic.  Eating a lot of "real" food.  Developing a little attitude :)

Lovey - Meet Mr. Monkey.  Henry absolutely loves him.  Constantly hugging him and cuddling him and giving him kisses. 
(Mr. Monkey and Henry a few months ago.)

Nicknames - Boof, Boofy, Monkey, Bubby

Allowance - When he turned one Terry and I started to give him a weekly allowance of $1.  His job, turn off the light when we leave the room.  It is "his job" and we ask him to do his job and let him pull the cord to the light when we leave.  As he gets older he will get more chores and each year his allowance will match his age :)  He loves doing his job.

More Pictures (it has been awhile since I posted)

Trying to talk Daddy out of going down the slide.
 Seriously, you are sending me down this thing?!  (still unsure of the slide)

Look at those stems....LOVE IT!

Him and his daddy in matching orange crocs. (Henry is in a child 6/7!!)

He always has to tip things over or flip them upside down :)

"Drinking" Mountain Dew :)

Baby Hulk!  (Ok, only 6 cans in there, but still it is impressive)

With his fohawk!

 How he gets in his car.

Giving kisses.

Our ONE year old :)


  1. Omg,, he can't be one! He can't.

    He is so incredibly cute. I love how 'all boy' he is. He reminds me so much of V. They really would be BFF if we saw each other more often (btw, I still have your plate). Did he get a hair cut? He looks so much older. Sigh.

    I'm not mentally prepared for V turning 1. I can't handle it yet...he's my 'baby'. :(

    Congratulations to you for making it through the first year and doing an amazing job!

  2. ONE! He's a cutie. Love the Pink Floyd shirt too.


  3. Can you kindly ignore that my comment is 4 weeks late? It's been a little nutty.

    Friend, these photos are too much. I just can't believe it. I can't believe your sweet baby boy is growing and growing and growing.

    I loved this retrospective because I adore all photo montages. Thank you for putting it together.

    WHAT a swetie.