Thursday, March 08, 2012

HDH – 6 Months Old!!

Hold on a second, I just need to take in the fact that our little man is SIX MONTHS OLD! He is half way to a year and if this second half goes as fast as this first half has then we need to start planning his first birthday party now!!

It is crazy how fast this has all gone.  C.R.A.Z.Y.

Granted, in the beginning when every night for 4 hours or more he was fussy and crying it may not have seemed like it was going all that fast but looking back at how far we have come in such a short period of time just blows my mind!  This little man who only came into our lives a mere 6 months ago is growing into this little boy who is fun and exciting and starting to develop his own little personality!  LOVE IT.

Ok, enough with me being sentimental, let’s talk about the big boy, shall we?!

A little bit about Henry:
Henry is a fantastic child.  No really, he is.  Am I about to jinx everything, eh?  I don’t think it will change the fact that he is such a WONDERFUL baby.  He is very laid back and calm.  He just wants to observe the world while also playing with EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. he has at the same time!

Henry is also, shall we say active and curious.  The boy loves to move and get into everything and anything he can get his little hands on.  Changing his diaper, getting him dressed, feeding him a bottle all take extra work on our part as he just wants to move the ENTIRE time!  Kick, grab, wiggle….there is no sitting still during the waking hours for this child. 

And he is strong….I am talking baby hulk strong!  He has a basket of toys in the living room that he will grab and dump ON him.  He feeds himself his bottle and good luck trying to take the bottle away before he is done.  You have to fight him to take it from him.  It is crazy just how strapping he is, you don’t think a baby should be able to be stronger than you!!

Finally, this kid is hilarious to watch!!  He is always smiling and laughing.  And he makes these faces that crack us up!  This child is a hoot, and doesn’t even know it yet!!

Some videos for your viewing pleasure:
(These videos are on my phone and since my phone is about 3-4 years old the picture is really dark, even with the flash!  For the laughing videos, hearing him works just fine!!)

Being really silly. (It is hard to see but his suk is in his mouth upside down and he is laughing and smiling with it in his mouth while also jumping!)

Laughing with Aunt K. (similar videos)


- He LOVES his jumperoo!  This is THE. BEST. toy he can have right now.  The boy LOVES to move and this thing lets him do that.  He goes crazy in this thing and jumps hard; so much so that you think it is going to break.
 I luvs it mumeez!
Its do lots of tings!
Likes dis...
...ands it has dis tings...
...ands i jumpses in itz...
...itz is amazings!!

- Bath time.

- To be free!  I am fairly certain his motto is: “Do not hold me, I want to MOVE!” followed by some jazz hands.  Even in his crib he must move all around!
 Terry says we bought the Hokey Pokey crib...heehee

- TV.  Yes, we let him watch TV.  He loves it.  What he loves most, singing.  Any singing show that is on he will stop what he is doing and watch them sing.  So maybe Henry will be a singer or in a band when he grows up!! 
 (Watching American Idol with his feet on the entertainment stand. COME ON child, you kill me!!)
Our piano man :)  Mama gets bored by herself with Henry.

- Tags.  If there is a tag on a toy, he will suck that tag rather than playing with the toy.  And his boppy, well that is his favorite tag….he is always wiggling around to get that tag. 

- Getting at his neck and making him laugh. LOVES that.

- Reading!

- “Talking” aka yelling and mimicking the sounds you make.  We call it the parrot game, and he loves when you “scream” and he “screams” back.

- Food!  Yep, he loves to eat.  Surprise, surprise.  He is actually an exceptional eater, only a few times in the beginning did he refuse to eat something (green beans).  But now he eats his food right up, no problems. 

Foods he has tried:
- Rice Cereal
- Oatmeal
- Sweet Potatoes
- Carrots
- Peas
- Peaches
- Bananas
- Prunes
- Green Beans
- Mashed Potatoes
- Apple Juice
 I want to smooch that face...prunes and all!!

Apparently prunes and a clean colon are sexy!


- Sitting still or being in one place when he is awake for longer than A SECOND!!
- Lotion
- The vacuum.  LOATHES the vacuum or other loud noises.
- Nose sucker…what kid doesn’t, really.

 -Putting himself to sleep.  I am rather proud of this.  We feed him his last bottle at night, burp him, and then lay him in bed with his suk and mobile on and he goes to sleep! He loves to sleep.

- Rolling over and rolling all over the place and getting into everything!
 (Child proofing will be starting very soon!)

- Sitting up!

- And trying to prop himself up on his own…aka high school senior picture pose!

ahhhhhh, we love it!!

Folks, these last 6 months have been the hardest and the best 6 months of my life!!  
And it is all because of this amazing little man.  
We Love you Henry!! 

Extra Pictures:

 All smiles every morning!
 Iz too bigs for its mumeez!
Iz wantes dat.


  1. OMG, his sexy look has me laughing out loud!

    1. I know, right?! I don't even know what he was doing but it makes me SO happy when I catch faces like that on the camera!! (How is V. and how are you?!)


    I loved this post. I love seeing pics of the little man. He's so darling. I mean really, he's a sweetie.

    1. I know, it doesn't seem possible! We are lucky, he really is SUCH a sweet boy.

  3. Jenn, I loved every last one of these photos.

    The videos are great! Henry's eyes are amazing.

    The sunglasses killed me.
    And the senior pictures poses? STOP IT.

    The sitting up photos shocked me. ALREADY?

    And my favorite is the close-up of his sweet face after the senior picture poses.

    Oh, friend - he is perfection.

    1. Thank you, he is so fantastic ;)

      That close up face is one of my favorite pictures yet. He is just so smoochable!

      And we were surprised he was sitting up too, but then again this boy wants to MOVE and has been "practicing"! No laying down for this one!

  4. The leggings. I love Henry's leggings! He is so cute and seems so happy! Happy kids don't just happen. They are a product of happy homes. Good job you two! Keep it up and keep the pictures coming. Love to all of you!

    1. Thank you, April....that means a lot. Really. He is VERY happy, we are lucky. I don't know what more I would want other than to have Henry be healthy and happy :)

      (Others may not like them, but I too love the leggings!!)

      love you!