Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Blogger Friend

One of my dearest friends is blogging!  She is writing posts that surround pictures she takes that capture things in her life, which I think is a fun idea! 

April is very creative and talented.  HERE is a post of the AMAZING things she made for me for my shower…..seriously, I am in LOVE with that diaper bag!   

She also made this camera case and gave a little tutorial on her blog on how to make it.  I saw it in person last weekend and it is pretty darn cute!

Check her and her blog out!! (My Life In Photos)


  1. You are so sweet! I'm so thrilled you like the bag. Thanks so much for the great 'review'. Boy, now I'm gonna have to step up my game and get back to blogging a bit more often and work on some more tutorials. Thank you friend!! Hope you're feeling great!

  2. Seriously, that is the cutest fabric ever and totally perfect for both Henry and I! I actually want to start carrying the bag now, but I suppose I should wait till our little one is actually born :)

    I would love more tutorials...maybe I will get myself a new sewing machine this winter and be able to make some of these things myself!

  3. So cute! She should sell on Etsy.