Monday, February 07, 2011

Picture of The Week

So this picture was taken recently and I think it is hilarious! (Camera phone)

“Yeah I know it is there, that’s where I want it!”

Besides his crazy glowing eyes, you will notice upon closer inspection it appears that his toy is coming out of his….well his little kitty butt! (This was not staged.)   Yes Charlie was lying on the floor and happened to lay on his toy mouse and this is what it looked like to all of us.

“That’ll teach that mouse to mess with me again.”

Besides the fact that it looks like he has half a mouse hanging out of his behind, I love that it is the back half of the mouse so you see both of their tails. 

Oh these kitties make me laugh!


  1. Ha! What a funny photo!

    I love animals.

  2. He's so damn cute, and so funny! On a side note: his head is so out of proportion with the rest of his body. It looks hilarious!