Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do You Know What Day It Is?! If Not Yahoo Does!

I follow YahooNews on Twitter.  Now besides bringing me the top breaking news stories, they more importantly tell me what “Special Day” it is.  Let me clarify. Some are common like Earth Day, Flag Day, or Groundhog Day (where is my spring weather Punxsutawney Phil!) Others are less common but still important like Donut Day or Margarita Day (that was yesterday).

Well today my friends, it is a pretty big day.   Today, February 23, 2011, is Inconvenience Yourself Day, Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, International Banana Bread Day and Tootsie Roll Day.

Did you know there is a website called Of course there is.  It is all about doing things to inconvenience yourself that in turn help others.  Holding the door open for others, volunteering, recycling, and just helping others.  Yeah, that is good and all but I don’t consider those things an inconvenience, just being a good person.  To me, inconveniencing myself (that sounds naughty) would be actually putting my clean laundry in the dresser or closet instead of just leaving it in the basket.  Actually making my bed in the morning instead of just leaving a big mess of bundled up blankets in a pile.  Actually washing a pair of pants or shirt instead of just Fabreezing it.  You know, those kind of things are such an inconvenience. 

Or maybe that wasn’t really what they were going for on Inconvenience Yourself Day and instead there is a day called "Don’t Be Such A Lazy Bum Day" that would be better suited for me to celebrate.  Either way, I have decided that I am not celebrating this day today and waiting for "Convenience Yourself Day" which seems like a much better day to celebrate!

Also, I will be buying a bag of Tootsie Rolls later and eating as many as I can before I get sick whilst also doing the Tootsee Roll in honor of Tootsie Roll Day.  Oh you know you want to see that tootsie roll…to the left, to the left, to the right, to the right; to the front, to the front, to the back, to the back; now slide, slide baby slide, just slide baby slide.  Yep, that is MY kind of special day unlike boring International Banana Bread Day…there is no fun dance to do while you eat banana bread. LAME.

As for Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, I have no interest in you.  If I was dog (leave the bitch jokes alone please) I would be very appreciative today.  But alas, I am not.

I hope everyone has fun celebrating today!


  1. Today is my Mom's birthday. And it just so happens that she LOVES Tootsie Rolls! That's probably not a coincidence. She was destined to love them.

    I wish people around me knew that it was Banana Bread day. None of you losers made me any.

    I'm with you on the dog biscuit - that one seems made up. Cause the rest of these are totally valid and necessary :)

  2. Happy Birthday Mommy M.!! You should get her one of those giant tootsie rolls for this special occasion!

    Secret: When my cousins and I were MUCH younger we would dare each other to eat dog biscuits. The plain ones in a red box actually didn't taste that bad :) I am a weirdo.

  3. FUN - I love associating these random days with someone's birthday.

  4. Please make sure you inconvenience yourself when I am not in the house. Thank you. It is appreciated.

    That being said, I love Banana Bread Day! That sounds like a glorious day. We should celebrate. We can make up a dance. You know how we make up dances. Mark my words, there WILL be a Banana Bread Dance by the end of the night.

    (BTW, you get a gold star for spelling "Punxsutawney")