Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yep, I’ve Still Got It

So tonight while at the local grocers I was approached by a gentleman who flirted with me and you know what, it totally made my day!

I am stopped in the middle of the aisle and he comes up to me and says in a low voice:

Gentleman: “Have you been kissed today?”
Me: smiling “No.”
G: “Well would you like a kiss?”
Me: giggling
G: Hands Me a Hershey’s Kiss (in retrospect, hopefully one he didn’t steal from the store)
Me: still giggling “Well thank you very much, that was perfect!”

So what did the gentleman look like, well he was tall, about 72, and totally hugable!! :) Ok, I didn't really get flirted with, but honestly if someone my age used that line on me I would have punched them....but when older men use lines like that I am seriously smitten.

The thing is I adore older/elderly people, particularly men. Terry tells me I have a problem because of my infatuation with old people (or for you politically correct individuals…people who are Gerontologically advanced). Whatever, I love them! Well as long as they are not driving.

And for the record, YES I did eat the Hershey’s kiss…after I got to my car and fully inspected it to make sure it was properly wrapped and not dirty. SO.


  1. (I like elderly men, too. They're cute.)

    I love this story. TOO FUNNY.

    And I laughed out loud at your, "Well as long as they are not driving."


  2. You and I were seriously separated at birth. :) That was ADORABLE! Love old men. As long as they aren't creepy. (Or driving, as you've mentioned.)

  3. Too cute!

    Old people are always good for candy.

  4. I was totally creeped out until I got to the part about his age! How sweet.

  5. I like that you would have punched him if he was your age! hhaha!