Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Was Just About Speechless…..

Last night I watched the show Hoarders on A&E. Um, WOW.

I knew it would be about people who kept everything and lived in a messy house, but I don’t think I was ready for what I saw on this show. I was thinking of something like Clean House Extreme Edition but what I saw was a lady who has been hoarding for over a decade and when they cleaned they found not one but TWO dead cat remains; remains most likely that have been there for many years. Again WOW. I will tell you what, Niecy Nash would not sign up to host this show…oh hell no.

Seriously, I watched in absolute amazement and pure disgust. Our house isn’t by any means perfect, it is a very “lived in” house and I am not always fussy about keeping things in order all the time, but the one ladies bathroom (the one with the dead cats) had excrement on the floor and the toilet looked like it hadn’t been flushed in years. And another episode showed a family who had two school aged kids and a toddler living in the mess. Horrible. Another lady found a cabbage on the floor that was black with mold. She peeled off the outer layer and wrapped it back up in a bag saying it was still good. Obviously these people have serious problems.

So with as disgusting as the show is you may think I will never watch the show again, but you would be wrong. I am totally fascinated by this show and the people and their reasoning on why they hoard. I also am amazed that these people don’t really see the “mess” the same way we see the mess. Very interesting. Yep, I will keep watching this show and the whole time I watch my hands will be over my mouth and I will keep saying “WOW. You have to be kidding me. That is disgusting.” I think I repeated that phrase 15 times last night. I think the show also wanted to make me clean, it could be a good thing watching the show. We will just start purging everything :)


  1. I watched it too! I was eating a snack at the time and I promptly stopped because I almost threw up all over myself. When they found her TEETH!?! Oh YAK!! Gross!

  2. Yep, hoarders are odd ducks. The only reason why I can relate to their weird obsession with throwing things out and it affecting something else is because of my OCD.

  3. i am glad that i did not watch this as i would NOW be hooked to yet another reality-TV-meets-real-life experiment!

  4. Yeah, we've seen every episode of this show. I agree, it's fascinating. I think they replaced the Obsessed with this one because the hoarders are so... entertaining? Maybe no the right word.

    Did you see the one where they pulled out like 70 dead cats? And the woman claimed to love animals. Um, CRAZY much?

  5. Lol, "Um, CRAZY much" made me laugh, Sarah.

    Yeah, this is definitely an illness. It's so sad. It's so debilitating and isolating, too.

    I just cannot living with that much STUFF around me. So sad.

  6. Meant to say, "I cannot IMAGINE..."

    (Looks like I need to start, "previewing" the 'ole comments before I, "publish my comment.")

  7. This show was insane! I want to look away. But I just can't! Unless I'm playing WoW. In which case, no one else exists ;)

  8. I saw the preview to this and it intrigued me but I didn't catch it. May have really grossed me out.