Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It is Pumpkin Pick’n Time!

So every year T & I have a tradition (hey Mickey D, I thought of a non-Christmas tradition in our family!) of putting on warm sweatshirts and jeans and going over to the Pumpkin Peddler on Route 25 the beginning of October and picking out our pumpkins. I have to say we take pumpk’n pick’n very seriously in our household. We are usually at the farm for no less than 30-45 minutes walking around and looking at all the pumpkins available. It is SO much fun! Honestly, we can’t wait till we can do this with our kids someday! (We are seriously the only adults without kids every year, but I think we have just as much fun as the kids that are there.) We make it our mission every year to find the most perfect pumpkins for each of us; I think mine are the better ones but this isn’t a competition…but if it was I feel as though I would win.

After we pick out our pumpkins we like to get hot coffee or apple cider and then we go home, listen to music and get all our fall decorations out and decorate our house! This year we had to postpone decorating our house as T. had homework for his class to work on, but I think we are going to get all the decorations out this week!

But we did get our pumpkins and here are our pumpkins in their wagon at the pumpkin peddler, they are HUGE! (these are very lucky pumpkins to be coming home with us)

Here are our pumpkins at home. T’s is the shorter round one on the stand as he likes to go with a more traditional round pumpkin and mine is the taller one on the porch as I go with taller ones with more room to carve. Since K. was out of town for our trip to the pumpkin farm, we picked hers out for her. It is the one in the middle behind ours. You may have to enlarge the picture to see it. We thought it was perfect for her.

At the pumpkin peddler they also have hay rides and a little place that sells some cute Halloween decorations. We got this cute Halloween door decoration. It has little metal bells in the pumpkins that jingle when you open the door. I LOVE this!

I saw this one and instantly thought of A Couple More Hours! Do you see it has a button eye? (I was going to get it for you but the side had a big scratch, sad)

And if you are looking for fun Halloween decorations, go to this site HERE. I love the stuff they have. The vintage decorations are my favorite, but they have many other types of Halloween stuff as well and stuff for other holidays. (Don't get me started on Christmas!)

Here are a few things I feel would add to our halloween collection!

So have you got your pumpkin yet? Are your fall/halloween decorations out? Do you have any favorite fall decorations? Have you heard me mention I LOVE this time of year?


  1. Thank you for my pumpkin, I think it'll look great. And I don't need to have a big pumpkin; I don't like being flashy ;)

  2. OH yes, love it! And is that a STAR as his little bowtie/collar thing?! Perfect! He's super cute.

    I love that other stuff too! Don't you think I need two of those little witchy girls on the black cats?! I do, oh yes I do!

    We can't get ENOUGH of this glorious season. We make about a half dozen trips to our pumpkin patch each fall. Mike's going on the girls' preschool class field trip next week to a pumpkin patch! I think he's going to have just as much fun as the kids!

  3. Very cool!

    Picking out a pumpkin is a big deal for me too. I may or may not even talk to them. ("Are YOU my pumpkin?")

    I found this year's pumpkin in a nanosecond, though. First time ever. It's literally the most perfect pumpkin ever grown.

  4. That is a fun site... Thanks for the head's up!