Thursday, October 15, 2009

And In The World of Celebrity Gossip....

(I needed a break, so here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that in the world of celebrity news to keep things fairly light.)


It looks like Jon and Kate Plus 8 is over after November! HOLLA!

Yes, i feel as though this is blog worthy, as I am sick and tired of hearing about this stuff and think these children would be much better off TV and out of the public eye. I am also tired of seeing Kate and her pointy hair all over the place and seeing Jon's douchebag face all over my entertainment gossip sites.

Hopefully by the new year, the two of them and all their shenanigans will be out of the tabloids. And so help the TV station that gives either of these two a show or something that keeps them in pop culture.


Who else would I like to see out of the tabloids by the first of the year?

For starters how about anyone who is related to or even friends with anyone with the last name Kardashian. I also would like the Cyrus family, anyone on The Hills, Michael Jackson and his family, anyone who has not done anything of real importance in Hollywood within the last 6 months, and anyone who has a nickname given by the media (i.e Li Lo, J Lo, Brangelina, etc..) gone and off the websites NOW.

Thank you very much.


In other gossip news Garth Brooks has said he is coming out of retirement!

I am not a huge country music fan, I like more old time country when I do listen to it, but there is something about Garth Brooks & his music that I just ADORE! I have every CD he has done and just love him. I am very excited that he will be singing again and can't wait to hear what new music he has!

I mean, really, who didn't sing out loud with their friends "Friends in Low Places", or get the shivers with "The Thunder Rolls", or love "The Dance". *sigh* I love him.


The 80's band a-ha is calling it quits after next year. (yeah I didn't know they were still together either) You remember then, they are that Norwegian trio that had the hit song "Take on Me" with the really cool video with pencil-sketch animation? I seriously LOVE that video.


And in sad news, wrestling icon, Captain Lou Albano dies. If you didn't watch wrestling you had to have known him as Cyndi Lauper's father in her video "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"(they just wanna, they just wanna) Here is the video!


  1. I totally agree on all of these tid-bits. I heard somewhere that Jon has talked about getting his own show on TV. I hope we are spared that trainwreck.

  2. Good, I hope they both got fired for acting like complete idiots. The both of them. Jon clearly knows nothing about PR. He had the world's support and somehow Kate came out looking like the good one. Now, they're nitpicking and bickering back and forth like children and somehow they think that's not damaging their children. Over it.

  3. Sarah W7:24 AM

    Good! Jon & Kate can't really continue if there's no Jon & Kate.

    Old Garth ran out of money, I guess! I tried to keep "Friends in Low Places" out of our wedding reception play list, but somehow it got in there anyway. We have some funny pictures of Paul & the groomsman singing it at the top of their lungs though! So I guess it was worth it.

  4. I echo your "overness" with the Jon & Kate plus their crew of future-neurotics (seriously: I cannot imagine those poor kids' lives. Ugh).

    I was also OBSESSED with that a-Ha video back in the 80s (and, let's face it: I still love it; it's awesome).