Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Orange You Glad We Picked Orange!

So the weekend before Thanksgiving we decided to FINALLY get rid of the ugly wallpaper in our kitchen and paint our kitchen. We kept going back and forth between colors for the room. We have a deep wine color in the dining room next to the kitchen, a dark sage green in the downstairs bathroom and a light brown in the living room. We wanted to make sure it all went together and didn't clash. So what did we choose at the very last Yeah, forget trying not to clash. Yep we went with an orange color...or surprise amber to be exact.

At first it was a, lets say. But now that a week has gone by and all the stuff is in the kitchen I really really like it!! We are not quite finished with it, we want to add a copper backsplash and redue the floors...probably this summer! But for now, here are some before and after pics!! (please ignore the edging, I still have to clean some of that up!)

AFTER: (this looks a tad lighter then it really is)

We are putting a copper tile-like backsplash under the cabinets and then under those small cabinets is the sink and in that space we are going to put new lights and a piece of slate chalkboard! In our heads it looks WAY cute:)

BEFORE: Blech. I personally loved that two different wallpapers


  1. Looks nice! HGTV-esque...

  2. As you know, I adore orange. I think it looks GREAT!!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. I AM glad you said orange. Love it!

    I think that copper backsplash will look so cool with that color.

  4. I was going to say EXACTLY what Mickey D. said. No kidding, verbatim.


  5. I love the kitchen!

  6. ugh - who decided that this wallpaper combo was a good idea? the orange is so much more fabulous.