Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Looking For Unique, Last Minute Gift Ideas....I Got You Covered!

I was looking around for last minute gift ideas and came accross a few I wanted to share. Go to for other great ideas! I seriously LOVE this website.

Here are a few of my interesting recommendations for gifts, along with why it would be SUCH a great gift!! :)

1) Framed DNA Print - $550.00 (here)

Looking for a unique piece of art to hang on your wall, well what is more unique then you?! Nothing! So how about getting your DNA turned into a piece of art work?! It comes with easy directions on how to swab your own DNA or perhaps the DNA of the one you love. Then simply pick the color you want for the print and return your DNA sample to the company and 6-8 weeks later - art work! (or proof of something you don't want to talk about)

2) Star Wars Real Storm Trooper Hoodie By Marc Ecko - $98.00 (here)
Who doesn't want to stay warm in this hoodie? Zips all the way up to really impress your fellow geek friends! Seriously, you will be the center of attention at your next Rock Band or Worlds of Warcraft night.

3) Light-up Slippers/ Comfy slippers with built-in LEDs to light the way. - $39.95 (here)
Tired of not being able to find your way in the dark, no worries now! Just put on these fantastic (and SO fashionable) slippers that come with a built in LED light. Sexy, no?! Comfort and style isn't the message with these, it is all about moving at night without turning on a light. Now there will be no more stubbing your toes as you make your way to the kitchen for a late night snack.

4)Wireless Key Finder - $49.95 (here)
Always misplacng your keys? I know I am. Well you won't have to worry anymore with this wireless key finder. As long as your keys are in your home you just need to press a button and your keys will beep. Just remember, don't loose the key finder.

5) Fish Bubble Wall Mount Fish Tank - $21.95 (here)
Afraid that your kids or cats will go after your little goldfish? Well it isn't a problem anymore with this Wall Mounted fish tank! It not only decorates your wall but is out of the way of reaching hands or paws. Just remember it isn't art, it is will still need to feed the fish!

6) Old-School Roller Skates - $69.99 (here)
Take it back to 1984 with these awesome roller skates. You can cruise around your neighborhood having fun and get a work out! Leg warmers and sweatbands sold seperatly.

7) Personalized Rubik's Cube - $29.95 (here)
You can put your picture on anything these days, so why not put it on a Rubik's Cube! You can add different pictures to the cube to create a cute stocking stuffer. Just remember how to get the cube back!

8) Peanut Butter of the Month Club - 3 months $59.85 (here)
Are you a peanut butter connoisseur? No, me neither but I do loves me some peanut butter and this is the perfect gift. Forget the traditional Wine of the Month Clubs or Chocolate of the Month Clubs, Peanut Butter is where it is at. Not a fan of Peanut Butter (as if) no worries because there is also available Olive Oil, Hot Sauce, Lobster, Necktie, or dog treat of the month clubs.

9) Stitch 'n Bitch Nation...Knitting Books - $10 (here)
Looking for something for that crafty person in your life, well then look no further. Enjoy this book that has attitude and great knitting patterns. I personally just really like the title.

10) Mickey Mouse Pop Art Toaster - $49.95 (here)
Kids won't eat there plain old boring toast in the morning as you rush around to get them to school on time, no more worries! How about sprucing up that toast with this Mickey Mouse Pop Art Toaster! Burns on pictures of your favorite Disney Characters...also available in the Princess series!


  1. Let it be known I tried for 45 minutes to get these to line up right. Ugh, dang blodspot.

  2. ok...i want the mickey mouse toaster and the peanut butter of the month club!

    so cool! :)

  3. Anonymous3:31 PM

    would have liked to buy one of these. Sure wish you would include links with your post...

  4. I would like number one and number two. Yes, the nerdiness just ooooooozes.