Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lenten Sabotage!!!

So is anyone giving up or doing something for lent this year? 

Is anyone’s significant other NOT giving anything up and trying to sabotage YOUR Lenten promise?!?!

So I have not done the lent thing in a few years, but this year I knew I wanted to give something up and exactly what that something would be.

Sweets.  {GASP}

Yep, I wanted to give up sweets for Lent this year.

Why, you ask?!  Have you really lost your mind?!?!

Yes, I have lost my mind but that is besides the point.

When I get stressed I gravitate towards either something salty (my preference) or sweets.  Well my husband has a sweet tooth teeth so there are always, and I mean ALWAYS sweets in the house.  Because of this over the last few years I have started enjoying something sweet more and the past 6-7 months with more stress have had something sweet almost every day!!  Some days I don’t even want it, I just see our big thing of M&M’s (used for potty training purposes) and grab some for the simple fact that THEY ARE THERE!

That right there is my problem...I eat them because they are THERE.  I don't NEED to eat them in the first place, but I do.

And work, work is even worse!!  There are always sweets at know the place I sit on my ass for like 9 hours a day?!?!  Someone will bring in cookies, a couple people have candy jars, I had a stash of Hershey’s kisses in my desk, oh look, a client brought in ice cream sandwiches, oh and now it is someone’s birthday…look a cake.  No joke, there are always sweets here and because they are here, guess what….I eat them!!  And my hips sure don't lie about how much I eat sweets.  sigh

So I gave up sweets.  Donuts, cookies, cake*, ice cream, candy…you know, all the good things.

Now I should probably have better will power and just give up sweets just because, but Lent was a good motivation plus I felt if I said I was doing it for Lent no one would push me.

Uh, WRONG!!!!!

Now, people at work are not as bad.  They ask about it but overall it is just some teasing and that is it.  Oh look, I have an apple so no I am not remotely interested in that cupcake you are eating. (Said no one EVER, well except during Lent apparently.)

But my husband, the man who is suppose to be by my side and support me!!  Well he is making it difficult. 

Exhibit 1:  Excess sweets!  
These are all the items HE has brought into the house the last weekend

 Oh look, my favorite candy EVER....Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

 (Donuts.  We had a HUGE debate on this as Terry tried to convince me that because you eat donuts for breakfast they are NOT a sweet and therefore I should still be allowed to eat them.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  That piece of fried cake with chocolate frosting on the outside that is full of sugary creme is NOT a sweet.  Let me tell you what you are full of!!)

Oh look, the Party Size bag of M&M's, another favorite.  I mean, he couldn't get candy I don't like or at least a smaller bag?!

Exhibit 2:  Girl Scout Cookies

There were actually two more boxes....Terry is eating them like it was his job.  He ate 1 box in two days.  These were delivered to us on Ash Wednesday, go figure.  So Terry is talking about how awesome they are and eating them all the time.  At least he isn't opening my cookies ;-)  But he sure ain't holding back on how many he eats at night!

Exhibit 3: Sundays don't count

It is said that during Lent, Sundays don't count.  It is a day of rest so technically the loop hole in lent is that you can have whatever you gave up on Sundays.  I have never done this and do not follow this.  I just figure for me that I should give it up for the entire season.  Terry for the last two Sundays has tried to convince me to have sweets.  I think he does feel guilt (not brought on by me though) for eating sweets in front of me or hates going into another room to eat sweets and therefore is trying to convince me to have them on Sunday. He also likes to debate and is a logical thinking person and finds my actions highly illogical.  OK, Spock, give it a rest...on the day of rest!  

Overall, it really hasn't been that hard....except for Terry and his constant need to BRING sweets into the house.  I think since he has never done the Lenten thing he just doesn't get it.  Some days are harder, but really it is little about giving something up and more about focusing on WHY we do this.  In his mind I am just being crazy to give up something that I enjoy, but in my mind there is a deeper meaning which makes it easier and worth giving it up.  (Plus, i need to lay off the sweets!) 

I actually find it very humorous how much HE gets worked up about what I gave up; more so than what I do.  And we are only TWO weeks in!  This is going to be a looooong Lenten season for Terry I think. Oh, my silly man with a HUGE sweets addiction.

But seriously, a total dick move buying Reese's Peanut Butter eggs!! ;-)

So did you give anything up?  How is it going (a mere 2 weeks in)?  Does anyone try to sabotage you?!

*Please note I did put in a Lenten clause stating that because my birthday falls after Lent but it is being celebrated with my sister during Lent, that the weekend we celebrate I am exempt and will be able to eat my coldstone oreo ice cream cake!!  I am sure the church would understand.

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  1. PARTY SIZE TERRY? So funny. I usually give something up but I read that pregnant women are not subject to any dietary restrictions during lent. SCORE! So then I decided that I was going to try give up cussing. That's not going well. But at least I'm aware.