Sunday, March 09, 2014

HDH – 2 ½ Years Old

My son is now TWO AND A HALF?!?!

Did I just type that correctly?!  



I mean, just LOOK at him....where has the time gone?  When did he start looking so old?!?!

I don’t know why this keeps shocking me.  Ever since he turned two, the realization of how old he is keeps hitting me (as does my son during his tantrums).  I think it is more so HOW he is acting as opposed to his actual age that floors me.  That is why when he turned one, it was not that big of a deal, he was still this little man who needed me for so much and still acted like a baby of sorts. 

But two.  Not so much.

I should have known two would be harder and different considering on his second birthday he got on his NEW tricycle my parents got him and road into the sunset like he had been doing this forever. 


What, you turn two and now you are all grown up?!


He was also a late(er) talker, but it was like when he turned two he decided he had a LOT to say and now, he talks ALL. THE. TIME. and repeats everything (oops). He has ideas and his own thoughts and is imagining and playing make believe and sings and is funny and…well it is awesome!! But with that he is also more grown up.

Oh, and how do I know he has his own ideas, you ask?  Well he will put his fist under his chin, and with a pretty intense thinking face on says “hmmmmmm. OH, I got an idea!!! I know, we can…..”  and proceeds to his idea.  He has LOTS of ideas :-)

He also says “Oh, I know what to do!”  OR  “Oh, I forgot!”  (These are also stall tactics before bed and if we want him to pick up toys.  He will say he “Oh, I forgot” something and then go over and move something like a toy a foot to the right or goes and kisses and hugs EVERY item in his room.  No, I mean EVERY item.  The wall (hug, kiss, I yub you wall) and that pattern continues for a clothes basket, his stuffed animals, a bottle of lotion….you get the idea.  This can go on for awhile if we don’t stop it.

I wish I could just have a camera on him all day to record all the things he says and does because it is pretty great.  Of course he would probably look at that camera and say “NO CHEESE ME!!!” and get mad….so maybe hidden cameras!

So what else is new with Henry.......

Well first off he is big.  I mean a really big kid. Like wears many clothes in 4T (pants 3T)
I don’t think this slide works as well now…

(In his boppy, playing "baby".)

 Pants a little short!

He also is doing really well on using big boy underwear! Though we do have to remind him a lot otherwise he waits too long and usually as he is running to the bathroom he pees.   The hardest part has been that apparently he is FAR too busy during the day and forgets to stop and go potty.  Or he goes in the bathroom and turns around while peeing because he gets distracted and pees all over the place. I mean ALL OVER. But right now he wears a diaper only at bedtime and a pullup at nap or if we go out for awhile.  Otherwise, it is underwear and an 90-95% success rate during the day. 

His favorite shows are still Caillou (ugh), Daniel Tiger and Sarah and Duck(Have you seen Sarah and Duck?!  Terry and I love this show probably more than Henry.  So cute!  They are only about 7 minute episodes but adorable.  Henry now imitates nearly every episode and Sarah.  Adroable.) His favorite movies are Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro.  What, you haven’t heard of those?!  Well of course Henry would love them….and we have seen them more times then I like to admit.  He reenacts scenes from both movies and TV shows, it is adorable.

Henry loves to help.  He calls himself a Helper Boy.  He has always loved to help and has chores like picking up clothes and putting them in the hamper, helping to unload the dishwasher, cleaning up toys, setting the table for dinner, and things like that. 

Creative stacking....they are all plastic.

He also loves to help cook.  Oh, how he loves to cook.  He gets angry when I cook and don’t let him help.  He prefers to wash vegetables because then he can play in the water in the sink.  But he is great at helping and it is a great way for us to work on his listening and following direction skills….which tend to be lacking sometimes!

(Baking with my mom)

He is becoming very self aware of his feelings lately.  I think a lot of it is imitating what he sees on TV.  So for instance he may say “I am mad, grrrrrrrr.” And crosses his arms.  And then we ask why he is mad and that he needs to use his words to tell us. To which he usually replies “I am mad I no go outside, grrrrrrrr. I got an idea! We play beach inside!”  Plus now he is starting to use it at dinner… “I no eat green beans, they make me mad….grrrrrrrrr.”  Nice try buddy!

I love when you say to him something like “Are you my sunshine?” he says “No, I Henry!” Just pronounced Heny.

I LOVE how sweet he is.  I mean, really...the SWEETEST,  Always giving hugs and kisses.

I love that he says I love you ALL the time.

I love that we all HAVE to give each other hugs and kisses before bedtime, sometimes multiple times.

I love that he still wants me to rock him at bed time.

I love that at bedtime we read a book, sing wheels on the bus, and then I sing Baby Mine.

I love that he wants me to rub his belly, face, head, and neck at bedtime. (It is also karma for all those times I have made a family member rub my face or head.)

I love that he is really polite and always says thank you when you give him something.

I love that when sometimes he does something wrong or I get frustrated he stops and comes up to me and hugs me and says “I am sorry mommy, no get mad.” I mean, how old is he again?!

I love that at dinner he wants to pull me close and wraps his arms around me and hugs me and tells terry to “Cheese us!” (take our picture)

I love that he always wants to cuddle and BE on me, though sometimes I am more like jungle-jenn, but it is great that he wants to be near me so much.
 On my shoulders
 Just chilling on me

I love that he is silly and has his own style.

 Keys around his waist

I love that he says “Bless you, Bless you” when someone sneezes.

I love that he will look at me and grab my hand and say “mom, join me and play.”

I really love when he sings.

I love that he loves books.

I love that he loves art.

I love how active he is and how he always is running, jumping and climbing!

I guess what I am saying, is though it can be rough with a stubborn and independent 2 year old and though the time is FLYING and I really cannot believe how old he acts for 2 1/2, I absolutely LOVE this age.  I love HIM so much and how cool and fun and smart he is.  I am just really enjoying this kid....he is the coolest and so freak'n awesome :-)

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  1. How is he already 2.5?? He's so cute. The short pants photo is so funny. He's such a little you/terry. I love it. I am liking the videos on Instagram too.