Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Camera Phone Pics!

Wordless Wednesday, my ass. you know me to be wordless!!

So I REALLY want to post pictures of Henry as he has grown SO MUCH!  However, our motherboard on our computer died and we had to get a new computer and haven't transferred all our pictures to the new computer yet.  I hope to do that this weekend and post some adorable new pictures of our little man.  In the meantime, enjoy some camera phone pictures!!

 "What the hell mom, I just woke up and you are already taking pictures!"

After being startled all Henry could say was "I think I shit my pants."

Who looks like a grumpy, 80 year old Russian man?!  Uh, our son!!

Henry is in a quandary......doesn't know if he should buy or sell.  It gives him a really headache.

"I know you like Halloween and think it is cute to dress a helpless little baby up.  But really, vertical orange stripes on the top and on my feet.  Tim Gunn would not approve."


  1. Oh my, he's so cute! I love your captions. Babies make the best faces. Love it.

  2. So sweet. Love the pics and your captions are hilarious. So glad to see some new pics. He IS growing so fast and is absolutely adorable! Love to all!!

  3. hahaha! these are awesome! thanks for sharing the many faces of Henry.

  4. Omg. Your captions made me laugh out loud.

    First, Henry is SOOOO CUTE!

    Secondly, I love the small Russian man photo.

  5. hehehehehe. i love the hand on the face. what a dude!

  6. The Halloween outfit makes me giggle! Are you dressing him up on Halloween?!

  7. You see what you did there? You took your always awesome cat picture captions and transitioned them to awesome baby picture captions! Brilliant!

    It's good to see you haven't lost your touch.

    I like him.