Monday, May 09, 2011

A Day Late, But It MUST Be Said

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

We love you so very much and I HOPE that I can be as wonderful a mommy to Henry as you have been, and still are, to Kristen and I.

You are beautiful, giving, caring, strong, extremely talented & artistic, so very kind, oh and one smart cookie! (I know where I get!!)

You never ask for anything; well except for us girls to be happy and for us to love and care for one another. And really, I don’t know what we could give you that would come close to repaying back all the laughs that have been shared, tears you’ve wiped away, booboo’s you’ve kissed, hugs you’ve given, lessons you’ve taught, and moments we’ve shared. But know this, you are loved SO much and not a day goes by where we don’t appreciate what any amazing mother you are.

Believe me when we say that in all of time and space, we could never find a mother more wonderful than you and feel so lucky to say you ARE our mummy ;-)

Jenn & Kristen

And your other kids…Terry, Henry, Sebastian, Belle & Charlie


  1. Cute pic! Happy Mother's day to YOU!

  2. So sweet (and you look absolutely adorable!). :)

  3. You three are gorgeous!!!!