Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 Years.

Today Yesterday* marks our 8th year wedding anniversary.


I am glad to be in year eight, year seven was rough.  Really rough.  But after 8 years of marriage and 14 years together, you are bound to have “off” years and some rough times.  It is all about how you work through those rough times together that builds more strength and love in a I am figuring out.

Marriage is a funny thing.  You meet someone and you decide to spend the rest of your life with that person.  ONE PERSON! You have faith in your relationship and that this person will be the right one for you, even through all the ups and downs.  You are taking a leap of faith that they will catch you when you fall and lift you up when you need support.  That they will know when to say something and when only a hug is needed.  And that a “perfect” relationship doesn't exist, but that giving yourself to someone 100% does.

I never doubted my choice, but I know now, more than ever, our relationship and love for one another has proven to be very strong and is continuing to grow.  That alone, gives me comfort that things will be OK….we will be OK. I know I am also learning.  Learning what it takes to make a marriage work.  Learning about myself as a wife and a mother.  Learning how strong I really am and how much stronger we are together.  Learning I cannot control everything…..oh how I cannot control things. Learning we are a team.  (No Jenn, you do NOT have to do it all alone.)  Learning how to compromise.  Learning how to not take the other for granted.  Learning that even though we are comfortable with each other, we can’t get too comfortable that our relationship is affected.

These are all things the past few years that seem to have come to light far more than before.  Yes, much of it is because having a child changes the dynamic of a relationship.  Some of it is because we see each other so much less now because our schedules are opposite.  And some of it has been because of the stresses we are going through.  But we are still working on us, our marriage and this life we have and are creating together.  Not always agreeing, but always supporting.


I know things haven’t always been easy and perhaps we are not always at our best when the stresses of life take over.  But one thing that is for certain, that has never come into question, and that has only gotten stronger over our 14 years together, is my love for you.  And I know the same is true in return.  Through all our ups and downs I can count on you to be there for me, for our family.  I am thankful EVERY day that you are the person by my side as we go together on this journey.  No matter what life throws at us, I know that we are definitely stronger together and we will never let each other go.  I love you.   Happy 8th Anniversary!  

*Note: This was going to post yesterday…I guess I haven’t blogged much lately as I forgot to hit publish!  In the words of my son “Silly Jennie”.

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