Wednesday, August 13, 2014

This Article


I have been surrounded by this more than I care.  Just once, is too much.  

Even saying the word makes my stomach drop.

Three times with people I love who thank goodness are still here and have gotten help. Once I cleaned the wounds and took the person to get help.  Once with a friend who lost her father to this.

I know I have been at fault in the past for saying it was selfish for someone to take there own life.  But having known people, it is not that.  It is actually the opposite in many cases, feeling they are making things better not being here.  There is a struggle.  They feel there is no other way.  To feel there is NO other way for you to overcome the depression and sadness....that breaks my heart.  And it is far too common than it needs to be.

This article says it better than I ever could.


Tell those you love how much you care about them daily.

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